Homeopathy is an ever-expanding field. Though the basic principles were discovered 200 years ago, they are still the foundation of our knowledge. Since then, homeopaths and patients worldwide have found that these principles, as applied in practice, still prove their worth. While these basic principles have not changed, all of homeopathy is evolving and expanding constantly.

Homeopaths all over the world constantly add to our knowledge of well-known and new remedies. My field of expertise in research is C4-Triturations which I offer to homeopaths and homeopathic students.

I also offer C4-Triturations to the general public; I prefer to call these workshops Shameeah. Besides their homeopathic background, Shameeah workshops also incorporate the principles of alchemy and the worldview of aboriginal peoples.

Shameeah Ceremonies / C4-Triturations

These are exciting journeys into the Mystery of Creation.

A Shameeah (pronounced sha-mee-ah) is a sacred ceremony in which we communicate with one specific being of nature who teaches us about one specific aspect of life.

Grinding down a substance with mortar and pestle is an ancient act which healers of all cultures all over the world have performed for thousands of years. In pharmaceutical terms, this is called a trituration. When we use milk sugar as carrier substance and follow a specific sequence of grinding, scraping, and diluting, this is called a homeopathic trituration. In the past, triturations were thought to be merely a mechanical process necessary to prepare a remedy. However, this is not the case. In grinding down a tiny bit of a substance, which might be of mineral, plant, or animal origin, we set free the energy that particular substance holds. This creates an energy field vibrating in the room. Now we resonate with that field. This process is called a C4-trituration.

During the 20 years of immersing myself in these exciting experiences, my personal style evolved. I now call them Shameeah. A Shameeah is a sacred ceremony of communion with nature, the mechanics of which come from homeopathy, the energetics from alchemy, and the ceremonial aspect from the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

What does a Shameeah ceremony look like in practice?

We come together in a group. As a group, we create a stronger energetic field which carries us through the journey. At the same time, the “remedy,” the being of nature that we are exploring, can express different aspects of its essence more completely in a group than with a single person.

In the beginning of the process we connect with the vibration of the substance on the lower energetic levels (C1 and C2), where we might face uncomfortable sensations. As we ascend into the next level (C3), we gain insight and understanding. Eventually we reach the Sacred, the Divine which resides in the core of everything that exists (C4).

What is a Shameeah in essence?

A Shameeah is:

  • establishing a friendship. After connecting with its essence, even a maligned weed turns into a precious friend.
  • the experience that everything around us is willing to communicate with us and has the desire to support us in our soul’s journey.
  • the acknowledgement of a being of nature, which helps to heal the natural balance.
  • the bridging of inside and outside. In dealing with a being of nature, we connect with an inner aspect of ourselves.
  • an intense transformational experience. Problems are overcome without struggle; connecting to a higher vibrational level of consciousness, the solution is allowed to reveal itself.
  • a portal for new conscious awareness, for a new understanding of one’s own life.
  • Words cannot express the depth and the beauty of the experience. The experience behind the words is the real truth.
My invitation is: Come, and experience Shameeah for yourself...


Who will benefit? Everyone:

  • who is looking for a deeper understanding of nature, outer and inner
  • who desires a truly transformational experience
  • who is engaged in the protection of nature
  • who desires to develop the perception of subtle energies
  • Homeopaths, eager to have a hands-on experience of actually making a remedy.
  • Herbalists and other healers who seek a deeper understanding of their remedies.
  • Gardeners and farmers who are looking for a deeper understanding of the plants, animals, and pests they deal with.
  • Simply put, ‘Almost everybody
Background and History of C4-Homeopathy and Shameeah Ceremonies

It was Witold Ehrler, who, as a Biology student and non-homeopath, made the groundbreaking experience that a homeopathic trituration can be so much more than a mechanical process, which a technical device also would be able to do. He realized its potential. He found that in triturating a plant he could learn so much more about this plant than professors at the university were able to teach him about it. Together with keen homeopaths, he experimented and added new levels to the old technique. He was the founder of C4-homeopathy. For C4-homeopaths, homeopathy is not primarily a healing modality. First of all, it is a spiritual path. As with every other spiritual path, it is inevitable that you will eventually become a healer. In mainstream homeopathy, it is the goal of every homeopath to know as many remedies as possible. This is different in C4-homeopathy. In C4-homeopathy the goal is to become remedy. Whereas homeopathy focuses on using remedies as a healing modality, C4-homeopathy is a spiritual path on which you become the remedy.

After having studied and worked with Witold Ehrler for years, I immigrated to Canada. It was my privilege to bring C4-homeopathy and C4-triturations to Canada. In the years that followed, I developed my own style. The English word “trituration” only refers to a mechanical process which often is done by mechanical devices. Besides its inadequate meaning which does not capture the essence of the process, nobody knew the word; even many homeopaths did not understand it. I was looking for a different expression, for a term which holds the sacredness of the process as a spiritual ceremony, the magic that happens when a plant or animal starts opening up to us, starts to speak through us, and that also touches on the alchemical transformation from suffering into a gift which happens during this process. I found it in the old Arabic word “Shameeah”.

Homeopathy had once developed out of alchemy. Alchemy came to middle Europe through ancient Greece. In the ancient Greek language, it was called Chemia. To Greece this secret science had come from Arabia. In old Arabic it was called Shameeah. You can see how it evolved from Shameeah to Chemia to Alchemy and then to modern Chemistry. Whereas the alchemists had focused on the transformation of lower metals into higher metals, of lead into gold, in ancient times Shameeah had a much wider meaning; it designated the transformation of lower vibrating energies into higher vibrating energies. Now this was exciting for me, as it is exactly what is happening during a Shameeah ceremony. So I had found an appropriate name for this process, a name that holds the meaning of the energetic process of transformation and at the same time – just listen to how it sounds – holds the vibration of sacredness.

My own path of communicating with nature is strongly influenced by the First Nations elders with whom I had the privilege of living for years and whose teachings I still follow. The attitude of deepest respect for nature, the understanding that everything in nature – every animal, every plant, even every rock is a soulful being that is eager and willing to communicate with us and to support us on our healing journey, these for me are crucial aspects of communication with nature, which make a C4-trituration into a sacred ceremony, into a Shameeah.

Summing it all up, a Shameeah is a sacred ceremony of communicating with nature, the mechanics of which come from homeopathy, the energetics from alchemy and the ceremonial part comes from the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

What Participants Say


Thank you so much for the very special Shameeah of the Poison Hemlock.
My experience was intense, deep, spiritually informative, and connected heart and mind. I am ever so aware now that it is never too late to let go of poisoned patterns to allow growth and to love ever more deeply. Heart opening and forgiveness took on more embodied, rather than mental understanding.

Carol, Victoria



Thank you for making this experience available to me. It is really hard to put in words the aftermath of the Shameeah of the Saw-Whet Owl. Twice now this week I have gone into the woods and am experiencing the energy of nature on a more vibrant level. Going slower is mandatory; where once I walked, now I go to sit and watch. My senses seem heightened yet it feels like there is really nothing going on. High alert with no drama. The stillness inside has a gentle joyousness to it. I watch the tops of the trees move around a lot in the wind, but the trunk does not move. I seem to be less motivated by the ego and more by love. I cannot look into the eyes of a Saw-Whet owl without feeling the utmost respect and honour of innocence.

Steffany, Victoria



Glad you are willing to come back here for triturations. Now that I have experienced one and experienced the students experiencing one, I don’t want our school to be without them!

Val, Minneapolis



I have done many Shameeah ceremonies with Roland Guenther, and they have been a huge blessing in my life. For most of my life I, felt painfully disconnected from nature. I could see the trees, plants and animals, but I could not feel them.
I deeply longed for a closer connection to nature. In Shameeah, I finally could find that connection. I am grateful beyond words for that.

Shameeah also helped me on my spiritual journey. As I connected with an aspect of the outer nature, I could also experience an often wounded aspect of my inner nature, and finally make peace with this aspect. In that way, Shameeah has been a major influence on my healing journey. Roland was a skillful and wise guide in the often unknown territory I explored in the Shameeah workshops he led.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on one of these journeys.
May you benefit from them as much as I did.

Sanjara, Victoria



Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the gift of experiencing the Beaver Shameeah last weekend. Words are insufficient to express myself. It affected me deeply on many levels … Bless you for your work, your teachings, and your spirit.

Karen, Calgary



The Castoreum (beaver) experience was profound. Not so much what happened that weekend, but the weeks that followed brought clarity and deep change in the way my spirit flows. My understanding has changed.

Sandy, Calgary



This has been the most profound experience for me in this lifetime. The sharing of the ancient wisdom of Dolphin touched me at the deepest levels of my spiritual being. Working with this energy at this vibration has been a dream too long forgotten. The personal information that I received is exactly what I need to move forward now, and create not only my reality, but to serve my life purpose.

Marie, Calgary



It is with deepest gratitude that I share my exalted feelings of grand Inner Peace, a purpose stirred within the far reaches of my soul. There is a sense of fulfillment at one level, yet an open door has been created inviting me to new adventure. As a first experience, I am highly impressed with the depth of Dolphin. I look forward to more Shameeah experiences.

Dianna, Kelowna, BC



What an enlightening experience. I feel like a Dolphin, see like a Dolphin, and want to play like a Dolphin. Never having been in touch with a Dolphin, I truly didn’t know what to expect. It was amazing to touch the Dolphin energy on all different levels.

It was a totally new experience of finding truth. While I was grinding, the creative energy was flowing through me. I was able to express, and bring to paper, my deepest feelings. Pain and joy became one, just by not judging the process and allowing new information to flow. Roland is such a wonderful teacher, and for the first time, I understand the power of Homeopathy.

Renate, Kelowna



The mystery of Oxygen – what an adventure! I so appreciated the experience of getting to know oxygen personally and globally. This aspect of the multiple dimensions of a Shameeah – wow – I’m hooked! Thank you, thank you for this opportunity. We were in good hands throughout this journey.

Kim, Vancouver



This was my first C4 Trituration experience. I now feel connected to oxygen. This trituration process was a transformative experience, and I am now in a new place in my life. Thank you Roland for this opportunity, and I look forward to doing more triturations with you in the future.

Caroliz, Vancouver



I feel shaken to my core, still very fragile like the Spruce Tree we had been working with. However, I am very aware that I’m now carrying a gift within me. It’s like a little flame, very tangible, and yet so small. The smallness of it is not important. Its presence is! Thank you so much!

Christine, Calgary



Thank you for the wonderful weekend doing a Shameeah of Ocean Water.

Never before have I experienced such love in a group. I was overrun by a wave of love. I had never experienced that before. I am deeply touched by the love for the earth, for the sea, and for each other.

Ingeborg, Germany

Synopses of Shameeah Workshops

After a Shameeah workshop I sometimes write up a synopsis of our experiences. Primarily these synopses are meant for the participants to understand and remember the soul journey we took together. However, more and more I hear how precious this information is for people who have not taken part in the Shameeah personally. This is why I share these synopses for everybody to read and use.

May these synopses reach the people who might benefit from them and may the deeper truth shine through the limitations of the written word and touch your heart.


Bald Eagle
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Sea Water
Cannabis indica
Calypso Orchid
Devil’s Club
Baltic Amber