Palliative Care

Palliative treatment for patients with severe and advanced diseases is another area in which Homeopathy excels. Here it is not about healing the body anymore. It is about healing the soul, about helping someone to walk this path with dignity and grace. In every stage, a homeopathic treatment can be beneficial. Often I have experienced that the intensity of chronic pain could be greatly diminished; fears and restlessness could be alleviated.

Even around the very end of life, a homeopathic treatment can be priceless. How one walks through the last gateway is so important. Not only for the patient, but also for the relatives who stay behind. A gentle and peaceful passing makes letting go much easier for everyone involved.

Birth and death are the most important events of a lifetime. Death in general is much more peaceful. For me, it is always a great gift when I can be with someone at the end of life. It is a truly sacred time.

Feel free to call 250.650.1662 and ask me about your parent or relative who might be leaving soon. I will provide you with information about what still might be possible in a treatment.