Cannabis Indica


Cannabis Indica

Cannabis- ndicaSummary of the Trituration on Febuary 9-10, 2008 in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada

A group of four people, we met and triturated some buds of Cannabis indica.

In the lower levels, C1 and C2, we detached from our physical bodies. “I had to use the washroom but, at the same time, I had no desire to go.” This is one example of it. As far as our emotions went, there were feelings of anger with no desire to engage in it. Almost everyone experienced anger. The anger was suppressed in meditation or experienced as aggression from the outside world. We felt very tired, sleepy and sluggish.

We were hardly aware that everything around us seemed unreal. It was as if we were in a dream. We felt a tremendous amount of bliss, love, beauty and peace. There was no interest in the outside world. We seemed to be disconnected from it. We had the impression to grow and expand far beyond the limits of our physical bodies. We felt spiritually very high; even arrogant. The experience that people would not understand us made us even feel superior. Everything seemed to be of major significance and was commented on with impressive spiritual explanations. We felt relaxed in our inner stillness, smelling not-existent flowers and fruits. Time seemed to stand still. The feeling of being spiritually very high was described as a Buddha-like state of mind, detached from the world, floating in a place of nothingness.

In C3, we understood the Cannabis had given us a vision into a state of high spiritual consciousness but that it is our assignment now to go there. The connection between the below and above seemed to be broken. We realized that, in order to bridge that gap, we had to climb a ladder step by step. There is no way to jump higher by omitting any of the necessary steps along the way.

In C4, Cannabis finally put us on our path and gave us very specific instructions for our next steps on the path (for example, these were things that participants received as assignments: cleaning up, gardening, healing the female family lineage, making peace with the son’s habit of smoking pot, turning anger into practical work).

The message of Cannabis was that, after being granted the vision of the goal, then the practical steps of going there have to follow. There are no shortcuts. Compared to other triturations, C1 and C4 were switched. Everything started with the sacred to end in the higher energy-levels in practical every-day-chores. Within Cannabis, the vision of the sacred is given to us on the lower levels. The higher levels talk about the practical work that needs to be done in order to get closer to the goal.

In using Cannabis as a drug, people are stuck in the lower levels and the vision of the goal turns into an illusion, thus destroying the path itself. The practical walking of the spiritual path is being replaced by the illusion of already having reached the goal. In that way, the goal will never be reached. The abuse of Cannabis turns a teacher plant into a trap. “Bring high spiritual wisdom down into the physical reality! Get going! Work!” This could be phrased as the message of Cannabis as we were able to experience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]