Pancreas Shameeah

Victoria, 2.8.13, Roland H. Guenther

PancreasThis is the first time that I did a shameeah of an organ. In my desire to find new ways of dealing and hopefully of healing diabetes, I needed to understand more about the pancreas, the organ primarily affected in diabetes. I knew about the physiological functions of the pancreas but I had no idea about its place in the energetics of our organism. I did not know what it represents, what kind of emotional problems might play out there. The material we used for the shameeah was a little bit of a sheep’s pancreas.

The pancreas felt like a highly energetic organ. We felt warm, sometimes even hot, the images that came were about anger, fire, light and love.
A special kind of tingling was common. It was changing place and felt like twinkle lights on Christmas. Someone said: “It is a itching like the twinkling stars in a night sky, constantly blinking, flashing, pulsating.”
Pain had a pulsating character also, it was a sharp, stabbing pain.
Senses were acute, especially smell. Most of us felt nauseous.
“I am sleepy and content like a baby full of mother’s milk.”

The pancreas seemed to have a position above the other organs with the exception of the heart. It is in control of the energy flow in our body. Sugar is the energetic currency in the organism and the pancreas oversees its flow and metabolism. It felt like a center of power and authority. It is not seen, it is hidden: a hidden leader. However if it is ignored, when it is affected, then it is a deep problem. Pancreas is core, it is a core organ. It was experienced as a general or a Zen master, clear, stern and unyielding. It is an uncompromising organ, when it speaks, you have to follow. The question came up: Am I in control of my life or do I follow someone else’s drum?

In the pancreas memories are stored. Joyful, sweet memories came up as well as painful ones. “Anger hurts the liver, resentment, hidden and unexpressed anger hurts the pancreas.” Clear and open expression was felt to be necessary for this organ to work properly.

Very early in the trituration, participants mentioned that it seems to have a lot to do with spirituality. This culminated in the complementary experiences of two participants. One followed intensely a spiritual path, yet underneath there was a lot of unexpressed anger with the desire to blame others, a lot of old pain and grief, that never had been talked about with the people involved in past hurtful events. She happened to be diabetic.
The other participant had actually an enlightenment experience during the ceremony. “I have memories of happy days with my kids. I feel joy and happiness, everything is in balance. I’m in a place of peace. There is a light within me, expanding beyond my body and filling the room. I feel deep peace and contentment. A shaft of white light is shooting out the top of my head, the area feels warm with a tingling sensation in the center spot. Within me there is nothing but joy, a smile in every cell of my body. The shaft of light enters a dark place far in the distance. Now it is swirling into space, it is like a dance. The dark is becoming less so. As the light keeps expanding, the darkness turns into a deep purple and now I can even see through it. The light coming out of my head reminds me of the Northern lights. The colors change from white to yellow to green, purple and orange. I am in total bliss. Is this the Divine? It surely feels so.”
This is the organ of enlightenment. It is also the major organ being affected in addictions.

Being deep into the energy of this organ, I ask the question, why indigenous people are so highly affected by diabetes. “The boarding schools separated the kids from their parents. They were forced into an unloving and often violent situation. The enormous, unfulfilled desire for love could not be expressed. Children give up when their desire is not answered. The unexpressed, unanswered and then suppressed desire for love was never met. It created a deep grief and resentment. Later the thirst for love was quenched with sugar and drugs. Sugar and drugs give the illusion of love, they create the body sensation of being loved.”

I asked: Is love not a theme of the heart? “The heart loves and receives love, the pancreas is the organ of self love, of accepting love and of passing it on to your organism. It is through the pancreas that love is accepted and digested. The pancreas directs the light vibrations of love through our physical body in the same way as quartz crystals direct the flow of light through the body of Grandmother Earth. Every addiction is a thwarted desire and a distorted effort to feed the hunger of our heart for love and relationship.”

Somebody else was told: “It is about the awareness of the Divine. Once this awareness is given, the sweetness of the Divine nurtures us and there is no need any more for addiction. This sets free future generations.”

Dr. Roland H. Guenther, Victoria BC[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]