When our son developed Tourette Syndrome, my wife and I were at a loss what to do.

The potential side effects of conventional medicine concerned us.  So after some research, we decided to turn to homeopathy. Thankfully, this is when we came across Dr. Roland Guenther.

Who not only cured our son, but continues to support him with his impressive knowledge, and skilful use of remedies.  Thank you Dr. Guenther

Mr. & Mrs. Bond, British Columbia

To tell you my story of pain and suffering would take a book, from major depression to attempts at suicide to name a few. 4 years ago, I met Roland Guenther and the improvement in my overall health both physically and mentally is “astounding” considering the shape I was in. Homeopathy is such a beautiful, natural way for the body and mind to heal itself by getting rid of all the emotions we tuck inside, we just have to be brave enough to face them and let them go and to learn to love ourselves. I thank Roland for his wisdom and determination to stay with my case but I thank God for the Rolands of the world and for homeopathy. I wish you well in “your” journey in life.

Michelle, Ontario

Dear Roland,
Since I’ve taken Your magical “Morpho Butterfly” remedy, the transformation in my personal/professional life has been out of this world. I want you to know that I keep you close to my heart and in my mind. May you be happy and well.

Esperanza, BC

Since his early childhood, my son suffered from headaches. He was used to living with this condition but it limited his performance in school and his joy in life. Through Roland’s skills my son not only got rid of his headaches, he improved in his overall behaviour and attitude. Finding the right remedy for my son has been such a blessing for my son and as well for me. I am grateful beyond words for Roland’s help.

Christiane, Germany

I wished I had found homeopathy years ago. It would have saved me thousands of dollars. It is the best thing I ever tried. My husband noticed how much I changed since I started homeopathy. He said: ‘I can’t believe the difference in you. You are happier, even the dogs are happier around you!

For years I have asked for a miracle as I wanted my triggers, daymares & nightmares of my child abuse to go away or at least ease off. After our visits & your insightfulness plus the homeopathic remedies I am FREE! You are now helping me so that I can become my authentic self. I will be eternally grateful to you for your wisdom, kindness & the ability to perform my miracle for me.

Dawn, Victoria, BC

I have been struggling with chronic health issue for over 15 years. I have sought help from so many health care practitioners and tried many different approaches from both the conventional and alternative realms and the problem persists. No physical root cause could be found, nor has any treatment had any lasting effect. While I came to the conclusion that I am dealing with some unresolved emotional conflict that has manifested physically, not even my extensive personal growth work and the many ways in which I have transformed my life and eliminated stress has been able to resolve the problem. I met Roland at a course where I was was immediately drawn to his authentic presence. At the time, with no real knowledge of the kind of work Roland was involved in other than that he was in the healing profession, I sensed he had a gift that could help me. My intuition was right. Roland was able (and how he does this still remains a mystery to me) to “work his magic” and create a remedy for me that immediately changed my life! While I am ecstatic that in only a few months there has been a complete change in my physical symptoms, what has been so remarkable is how I have noticed that I am no longer feeling so stuck in my life and how there seems to be an alignment happening between my body, mind, and spirit. My sense of purpose has become so much clearer and I have been taking steps in moving forward in my work and life with a new kind of confidence.

Thank you Roland for your incredible gift to me and for being the catalyst for my new-found passion to be connected to and understand at a deeper level how nature can support me and others in our healing.

Monica, BC