What Participants Say

Thank you so much for the very special Shameeah of the Poison Hemlock.
My experience was intense, deep, spiritually informative, and connected heart and mind. I am ever so aware now that it is never too late to let go of poisoned patterns to allow growth and to love ever more deeply. Heart opening and forgiveness took on more embodied, rather than mental understanding.

Carol, Victoria

Thank you for making this experience available to me. It is really hard to put in words the aftermath of the Shameeah of the Saw-Whet Owl. Twice now this week I have gone into the woods and am experiencing the energy of nature on a more vibrant level. Going slower is mandatory; where once I walked, now I go to sit and watch. My senses seem heightened yet it feels like there is really nothing going on. High alert with no drama. The stillness inside has a gentle joyousness to it. I watch the tops of the trees move around a lot in the wind, but the trunk does not move. I seem to be less motivated by the ego and more by love. I cannot look into the eyes of a Saw-Whet owl without feeling the utmost respect and honour of innocence.

Steffany, Victoria

Glad you are willing to come back here for triturations. Now that I have experienced one and experienced the students experiencing one, I don’t want our school to be without them!

Val, Minneapolis

I have done many Shameeah ceremonies with Roland Guenther, and they have been a huge blessing in my life. For most of my life I, felt painfully disconnected from nature. I could see the trees, plants and animals, but I could not feel them.
I deeply longed for a closer connection to nature. In Shameeah, I finally could find that connection. I am grateful beyond words for that.

Shameeah also helped me on my spiritual journey. As I connected with an aspect of the outer nature, I could also experience an often wounded aspect of my inner nature, and finally make peace with this aspect. In that way, Shameeah has been a major influence on my healing journey. Roland was a skillful and wise guide in the often unknown territory I explored in the Shameeah workshops he led.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on one of these journeys.
May you benefit from them as much as I did.

Sanjara, Victoria

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the gift of experiencing the Beaver Shameeah last weekend. Words are insufficient to express myself. It affected me deeply on many levels … Bless you for your work, your teachings, and your spirit.

Karen, Calgary

The Castoreum (beaver) experience was profound. Not so much what happened that weekend, but the weeks that followed brought clarity and deep change in the way my spirit flows. My understanding has changed.

Sandy, Calgary

This has been the most profound experience for me in this lifetime. The sharing of the ancient wisdom of Dolphin touched me at the deepest levels of my spiritual being. Working with this energy at this vibration has been a dream too long forgotten. The personal information that I received is exactly what I need to move forward now, and create not only my reality, but to serve my life purpose.

Marie, Calgary

It is with deepest gratitude that I share my exalted feelings of grand Inner Peace, a purpose stirred within the far reaches of my soul. There is a sense of fulfillment at one level, yet an open door has been created inviting me to new adventure. As a first experience, I am highly impressed with the depth of Dolphin. I look forward to more Shameeah experiences.

Dianna, Kelowna, BC

What an enlightening experience. I feel like a Dolphin, see like a Dolphin, and want to play like a Dolphin. Never having been in touch with a Dolphin, I truly didn’t know what to expect. It was amazing to touch the Dolphin energy on all different levels.

It was a totally new experience of finding truth. While I was grinding, the creative energy was flowing through me. I was able to express, and bring to paper, my deepest feelings. Pain and joy became one, just by not judging the process and allowing new information to flow. Roland is such a wonderful teacher, and for the first time, I understand the power of Homeopathy.

Renate, Kelowna

The mystery of Oxygen – what an adventure! I so appreciated the experience of getting to know oxygen personally and globally. This aspect of the multiple dimensions of a Shameeah – wow – I’m hooked! Thank you, thank you for this opportunity. We were in good hands throughout this journey.

Kim, Vancouver

This was my first C4 Trituration experience. I now feel connected to oxygen. This trituration process was a transformative experience, and I am now in a new place in my life. Thank you Roland for this opportunity, and I look forward to doing more triturations with you in the future.

Caroliz, Vancouver

I feel shaken to my core, still very fragile like the Spruce Tree we had been working with. However, I am very aware that I’m now carrying a gift within me. It’s like a little flame, very tangible, and yet so small. The smallness of it is not important. Its presence is! Thank you so much!

Christine, Calgary

Thank you for the wonderful weekend doing a Shameeah of Ocean Water.

Never before have I experienced such love in a group. I was overrun by a wave of love. I had never experienced that before. I am deeply touched by the love for the earth, for the sea, and for each other.

Ingeborg, Germany