Peanuts and Flu

Peanuts-and-FluIt is not an easy time for children. Kids are getting sick more every year. When I was young, nobody had allergies in school. This existed only in rare cases. Today it is common in every classroom. Mental health issues are on the rise, behavioral problems, autism. I could continue with the list.

It is September now, and kids are going back to school. So, what do kids need from us in order to be healthy? They need our trust that they can deal with a challenge without us doing the job for them, and they need our support in the moment that they are struggling.

What does that mean? What that means is that we have to allow them to get sick, to get a flu, to get a fever. This is how they train their immune system, this is how they get strong. When our kids have to do homework for school, we do not take it away from them and complete it for them. However, when they come home with a flu or another simple infection, we do take it away from them and give them Tylenol and antibiotics. This is as counterproductive for their health as it would be counterproductive for their school skills when we do their homework for them. We all learn through our challenges. No muscle strength without exercising the muscles, no school success without learning, no immune competence without infections. It is as simple as that.

Do not get me wrong, an antibiotic can be an absolute blessing. The overuse, however, spells trouble. Making it easy and giving drugs can easily lead to the habit of relying on drugs whenever life hurts. This is detrimental and often leads to a path into addiction. Addiction is not wanting to feel pain, not wanting to deal with suffering, whether it be it in the body or in the soul.

When kids are sick, they need our support. They need that we are there for them, that we trust that they can do it and that we help them without doing the job for them. We have to be present. Homeopathic remedies are ideal to support children. Homeopathics do not kill the germs which would mean taking away a chance of growth, instead they support the immune system of the child to overcome the germs and grow stronger in that way.

When the immune system is already compromised and we are dealing with allergies or with autoimmune problems, then again homeopathy can help to restore a healthy immune reaction. A child’s immune system needs to be reminded that it does not need to fight food or pollen, it needs to fight viruses and bacteria. This is its natural function and this is what we have to allow it to do and to support it to do. Conventional medication very often simply suppresses the immune system, homeopathics support it to return to its natural function.

I have been working with children’s health issues and with families for more than thirty years. Back then, treating children was in general easier than treating adults. This is not the case anymore as children often struggle with deep health imbalances already in an early age. The last time I increased my fees for seeing children was about 8 years ago. My prices will be going up in October but if you like to purchase a visit for the current prices, you can do so and use it between now and the end of the year.

Children are vulnerable, children are precious. Children depend on us for support. Homeopathy is one way to support them and it is a good one.

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Many of my readers are living all over North America. If you are looking for a homeopath that can support you and your child in your area, I am happy to help you find one.

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