Torn Apart and Whole Again

Torn Apart and Whole AgainHave you ever felt that life is tearing at you? After a peaceful holiday season, my “normal” life started again and I felt literally torn apart from everything that needed to be done, from necessities, obligations, fears, hopes and sadness, from worries, disappointments and desires. I tried to cope, did everything in a hurry with the result that things did not work out, that misunderstandings caused additional stress and my inner freedom and peace seemed to be only an illusion and out of reach.

I talked to a friend of mine. He is a good listener. I expressed what was going on in me and being heard and seen in my struggle already gave me relief. When I was done, he simply asked: “What’s missing, Roland?”

In an instant it was clear. What was missing is this vertical line within me that was connecting ​the below with the above. This vertical line of radiant light in the core of my being that I can feel so strongly when I stand next to a tall Douglas fir. When my feet seem to have roots solidly anchored in Grandmother Earth, when the top of my head seems to be open and the inner light is reaching up to Grandfather Sun, to Spirit. In that position of connectedness I can stand in the storms of life without being blown around and torn into pieces.

My friend looked at me, smiled and said: “Your eyes are shining again and your posture is straight and upright again. What a shift in a minute!”

I had found my strength again, the freedom to stand in the storm peacefully.

I wish you a friend when life gets rough, a friend who can listen and ask the right questions. The answers can come in many ways: they can come with a tree, with the wind or in a poem, they can come as a song, as a dream or in remembering what you already know.

Homeopaths are good listeners on the quest of finding your inner truth. In homeopathic remedies, the sacred core of nature touches the sacred core in you. Healing can happen.

When you need a friend on the path to healing, send me an email: . You are not alone on this path. There are people who understand.