The corona virus is all over the news:
Close to 50,000 people infected, more than a thousand died, 50 millions in quarantine.

In Western medicine the treatment of viral infections is not very successful. The flu shots as prophylaxis are not very efficient because they are made by artificially mutating the virus and in that way trying to anticipate what the next year’s flu virus will be; the accuracy of these predictions is not convincing. A less well known side of the immunizations are the toxic compounds which compose the vaccines. I also see in my practice many immunological disturbances – like allergies and autoimmune diseases – that people develop after vaccinations of any kind.

One thing is sure: We have one reliable ally and this is our own immune defense. For hundreds of thousands of years we have co-evolved with all kind of germs, including viruses. Through thousands of generations people got sick and healed and passed on their immune competence. For us today, we call it our self-healing capacity. We often either take it for granted or we do not trust it at all. Both is a way to sabotage it.

How do we boost our immune system?
A healthy organic diet, a balanced lifestyle and enough physical activity are some basics. A balanced lifestyle, this definitely includes time to relax. All healing happens in relaxation. Fear makes us race which is the opposite of relaxation. Fear often creates anger; we know that 10 minutes of intense anger diminishes the function of our immune system for up to 24 hours.  The consequence is not to ignore fear and anger or to pretend it is not there; the consequence is to relax in the presence of these powerful emotions. This is something that we very often cannot manage by ourselves. We need each other for that, we need community, we need relationship.

When I look at the corona virus and the enormous amount of fear that comes in its wake, then I wonder if the virus creates the fear or if the fear creates the virus or if the virus makes the fear visible or if the fear is like a fertile soil for the virus to grow in. Maybe it does not matter, maybe it is the same question as to what was first, the chicken or the egg. They definitely feed into each other.

Healing needs connection. Quarantine and isolation have a place in the prevention of spreading the disease but they need to be balanced with safety creating connection. We are built for connection, our nervous system is built for community. Our body does not function well in isolation. Our relationships are actually an outer extension of our inner immune system.  They work hand in hand.
Fear tells us to stay away from others because who knows, we might get infected. Our immune system, however, which is necessary for both healing and for preventing disease, needs us to be connected.
Can you imagine how someone might feel who is struggling with the corona virus, is isolated and separated, treated like an outcast, like a danger for society? Even though certain medical precautions are necessary, people who are fighting a disease also need the feeling that they still belong to us. Maybe we could give them five minutes of our day in which we sit in meditation, connect with them on an energetic level and send a prayer. I am sure that this will reach them. Who knows, it might even give one of them the support needed to survive.

Do you want to know what I personally think about the danger of getting infected? For forty years I have been a medical doctor and homeopath. Almost every day of my life somebody sneezed and coughed in my presence or showed me his strep throat. Not once did I get infected. I got my flu when I ignored the signals of my body that I needed rest, then a merciful virus provided me with the excuse that I had to take time out.

Homeopaths do not seem very concerned about any kind of flu. Why? Because we do not have to fight against a virus, we support the self-healing system of our clients. We work with the body, not against it. We also have remedies which for 200 years have been proven to be effective in all kinds of flues and other viral infections.

My advice concerning the corona virus is: Take good care of your body, take good care of your emotional health and do not sabotage your own immune response by suppressing fever. This is when things can get difficult.