The Trust of a Jellyfish

The-Trust-of-a-JellyfishYesterday I was out fishing on Baynes Sound. I was surrounded by fishers. A red necked grebe surfaced with a sculpin in its beak, a seal curiously watched me with big eyes and probably wondered what I was doing. A group of Pacific loons still in their gorgeous summer plumage were diving as if by command all at the same time. A little later two sea lions appeared, hunting for salmon side by side. Not a single bite disturbed the peaceful harmony of my morning.

A common loon was calling not far from my boat. Its call always seems to move directly from my ears not to my brain but into my heart and from there echo into the vastness of my soul. The call of the loon was guiding me into a different reality, into a reality in which I felt so close to all animals, I even could talk to them. The slow breathing of a moon jellyfish in the blue water caught my eye. Its rhythmic contractions joined in the rhythm of my breathing and these were flowing into the bigger rhythms of life as it pulses in and through all of us. A deeper knowing emerged in me, a memory of a Shameeah ceremony that I had done years ago. I spent two days with a jellyfish, allowing it to take me into its hidden world where everything is in flow, in synch, in harmony. I experienced the limitless trust of this creature in the flow of life.

How often I feel the need to be in control of my life because I am afraid of what might happen when I am not! In homeopathy we think of cancer as a result of this fear-based need to be in control. “If you had only the trust of an ant, you could move mountains,” it was said in the Bible. This means that we could be in control but only if we are grounded in trust, not in fear. It was this kind of trust that the jellyfish awakened in me. I might forget this for a while but I easily can call it forth again. Every cell in my body was vibrating in resonance with the trust of the jellyfish, with the instinctive knowing of the currents, the tides, the flow of life. It is as if the outer jellyfish woke up this inner jellyfish in me, kissing it alive and blessing it with the sacredness of God’s creation.

It is not a mental knowledge like you would have from reading or hearing about it. Shameeah ceremonies are a deep experience. Not only some brain cells but all of our body and soul remember such an experience. It is a knowing.

I relished in the presence of the jellyfish, its pulsing gave peace to the pulse of my own heart. Fishing was forgotten. My soul had been nourished.

Nature has countless teachings for us. As the jellyfish teaches of trust, the dolphin opens our soul for playfulness and communication. The heron is the Zen master among the birds, guiding us into meditation and discipline, whereas the falcon lets us feel the limitless freedom of the sky. There is more than one way to deal with life. Our brothers and sisters, the plants, minerals and animals offer us an abundance of wisdom. They patiently wait until we are ready to listen.

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