The Treed Cougar

The-Treed-Cougar“Brodie just treed a cougar!” My wife Barb’s voice sounded excited when she phoned me yesterday from her cell phone. She was on her normal walk in a nearby forest when all of a sudden our dog Brodie started barking at something, rushed into the bushes and a second later a cougar climbed up a tree. As she had experienced the very same thing a few years before in the same area, she kept her cool and took a picture of the cougar before she retreated, knife in her hand. I can tell you, she is quite a feisty woman and would provide a good fight even for a cougar!

I was happy when she walked in the door safely ten minutes later. And Brodie got a special treat for his bravery. It had been just about a month ago that he had an encounter with a black bear on one of our walks. I feel so blessed to be living in an area where these majestic animals are still roaming in our neighbourhood.

Did you know that we use all these animals as remedies? Dog, bear and cougar – they are all useful for healing. Everything in nature can be remedy. Not only plants, not only minerals but all animals offer us their help when we are in trouble. Does an animal have to die to be used as remedy? No. We usually use a drop of their milk or small pinch of hairs. That is enough. Being a homeopath is exciting every day. Not only our native animals but all exotics frequent our office as remedies: Lions and Tigers, Hyenas and Crocodiles, Cobras and Tarantulas. Nature provides us with an abundance of support. Nature holds a solution for every problem, for yours also. Call me when you need help (250 650 1662) or send me an email!

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