The Secret of Gold

The-Secret-of-GoldI am holding in my hands a tiny glass vial, and when I turn it, a fine yellow dust is shining. Gold. 0.29 grams, the result of a week of gold panning. A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend on a canoe trip in an old gold rush area in Northern BC. I was never so sore in my life, bruised up by rapids, worn down from moving boulders, from digging in gravel and from bushwhacking through dense brush. Sitting by the campfire in the evening I listened to many gold stories, talking about lost dreams, unsuccessful efforts, betrayal and even murder. I could not help feeling that those men succumbed to an illness, the gold fever, the rural counterpart of the urban gambling addiction. Few were lucky, most of them lost in the game. Not one story talked about happiness.

My thoughts turn to the present and immediately my heart feels lighter. I see in my mind some of those people that I could help with a homeopathic remedy made of gold. They came to see me with heart diseases, with severe inflammations of the joints or in the deepest depression. Homeopathic gold helped them to find health and happiness again.