Photo: Natalia Kollegova / Pixabay

Fever is one of the most beneficial and effective immune responses of our body. For millions of years, fever has been a way of healing. Mammals develop fevers, while a sick reptile will bask in the sun much longer than usual and heat up its inner temperature. Our ability to heal in fever is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said: “Give me the power to create fever and I will cure all disease.”

The sweat lodge of the indigenous peoples of North America has been a place of healing for thousands of years and continues to be so today. When entering a sweat lodge, participants symbolically enter the womb of Grandmother Earth in order to pray and to honour Earth and the birth giving feminine principle. In the intense heat generated by the water that is being poured over red hot stones, healing happens. It is the renewed relationship with Earth that restores the healing capacities of our bodies and helps us to ground emotional or mental turmoil.

The laws regulating the functions in our bodies are the same laws that rule the functions of the bigger body of Earth.

When we look at global warming, is it possible that Grandmother Earth has a fever? Is it possible that this is the way she wants to heal? I actually think that this is what is happening.

You, however, may say: “Global warming is a problem! You cannot say that all the floods, the droughts, the forest fires, the disappearing of the glaciers, the increase in climate refugees, is a healing movement!”

Perhaps you are right. Global warming might not be humans’ healing, but still Earth might be healing Herself in that way. With a fever we get rid of germs that make us sick. So – is it not we that are making Earth sick? Are we like the germs that She needs to get rid of? Who is sick in the end? Is it Earth or is it we? If it is Earth, she needs the fever. If it is we, maybe we need the fever.

I was a bee keeper for many years. Often I sat by my hives, the quester, asking the bees to teach me. They did so. Immersed in their humming, which aligns body and soul, I had many insights. Some twenty years ago they told me this: “You have to understand that whatever problems you are facing on the outside, they actually should be dealt with on the inside. If you do not open up your heart to be touched inside, you will have to be touched on the outside. If you still refuse to open up your heart, you might get hit on the outside.”

Let me try to translate this message into today’s situation.

The glaciers and polar caps are melting on the outside. Maybe the original divine intention was that the frozen areas of our hearts were to melt.

Species are dying out, leaving the circle of life on our planet. The original divine intention might be that old beliefs and old habits were supposed to die inside of us to make space for new ones that would serve us better.

Global warming should be a warming within us humans. A fever could be part of our healing. We separate ourselves from our immunological ancestry, from immune competencies that not even a hundred years ago our great-grandparents still enjoyed. We compromise the function of our immune system with fever-sinking medications and too many antibiotics. In this way we create chronic infections, chronic problems which can readily turn into auto-immune diseases and contribute to the cancer epidemic.

If any of this is true, then the question before humanity might not only be how to reverse global warming but also how to support Grandmother Earth in Her healing.

How can I stand with Her in the fire of transformation? How can I take over my share of the fever? How can I stand in line with Her? How can I learn anew from Her the ancient laws of life and healing, and in respecting those, how can I find and share new ways of healing?
I have a few ideas.

Science is clear about the causes of global warming. We know what needs to be done. We need to stand on the side of life unwaveringly and see that the knowledge we have is being implemented.

Maybe when I have a flu and a fever the next time, I need to think about if this is my chance to take on my share of the global warming. Maybe this time I do not resort to an Ibuprofen suppository, ignore the fiery signal of my body and march off to work. Maybe, this time, I support the fever and go to bed, cover myself under a heavy blanket with a hot water bottle at my feet like my grandmother did. Maybe I would serve my own health and the health of Grandmother Earth at the same time.

Our body is a gift of the Earth. As I said, “The laws regulating the functions in our bodies are the same laws that rule the functions of the bigger body of Earth.” Honoring my body and honoring the Earth are the same.

Goethe, the great German poet, once wrote to a friend, “I love best to communicate with Nature because I know that She is right and the error is always on my side.”

This was true back then. It is still true today.


What are your insights into global warming? What is your first step? How will you and I see that the knowledge we have is implemented?
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