The Embellished Lawn


While I hear from friends in the East about a late blizzard, here on the West Coast it is already spring. Our garden is in full bloom. The salmonberry bushes are showing off their tender pink flowers, the forget-me-nots cover like a cloud of blue the space underneath the shrubs, the orange crowned warbler is singing in the trees. Yesterday the first hummingbird was looking for the feeder. A few days ago I gave the lawn a first cut but already the dandelions are pushing new flower heads, competing with the English daisies to embellish the boring lawn and decorating it with yellow and white blooms. Are these plants not amazing? We step on them every day, we cut them down with the lawnmower and we dig them out in our vegetable beds.

In spite of all these attacks, they thrive!

Does it surprise you that these herbs have enormous healing powers? When we feel stepped upon, disrespected, beaten up, they can help. When we get injured in our body or in our soul, they can help. When our dreams are cut down and our hopes thwarted, they can give us support. They help us to heal, they help us to find peace with what happened. They are masters in healing from all kinds of abuse and injuries. Look how they deal with it every day! We hardly notice them when we walk on them or cut them down, yet they take our carelessness and aggression and turn it into flowers. They give us beauty, they nurture us, they heal us and they do so in spite of the way we treat them. We treat them as enemies, but they treat us as friends.

One of my clients had suffered from severe injuries many years ago and she dealt with pain every day. I was looking for a remedy that might help her. I considered all kinds of healing herbs. Then I asked what her favorite flower would be. She answered: Daisies. She received a homeopathic remedy that was made of a daisy. A few weeks later she said: ‘I feel clearer after the daisy. I even can remember my dreams better. My chronic pain is better and I am not waking up in pain so much anymore. I feel stronger now.’ More than 30 years had passed since the accident. Even after such a long time of pain, the daisy still was able to help.

Once in a while take a moment and look at these little friends in your lawn, acknowledge them for their beauty and express thanks for the gifts they offer. They listen to you and they receive what you tell them. A thank you is magic. It creates deep connections from heart-to-heart.