Talk With the Baby!

As my second granddaughter is on her way, quite naturally I often ponder about unborn babies and their journey into life.

talk-with-the-babyWhen a new baby comes from the Spirit world to Earth, the first touch with the world is his/her mother’s placenta. The placenta is the first welcome in the realm of the physical. Sometimes, however, this welcome might not be a real welcome at all. This can be the case when being pregnant is a problem for mom. The baby then has a hard time embracing the physical world and feeling good about his/her journey.

A while ago a young man came to see me because of multiple severe allergies. He told me that he often did not feel welcome, he felt like being too much. In spite of being invited to a social event, he doubted that he really would be welcome. So he did not go. In this way he missed out on a lot of joy, he lost friendships and isolated himself more and more. I asked him about his mom’s pregnancy with him. It was not a big surprise to hear that she was not happy about being pregnant and as a single mother it was not easy for her to raise her son. I gave the young man the homeopathic remedy “Placenta”. This remedy holds the vibration of the placenta and of this earliest relationship in a refined, highly energized form. It is as if this remedy gives the message: You are welcome!

A few months later my patient not only told me that his allergies had improved quite a bit but also that he felt much more comfortable and self-secure in social situations. He had accepted several invitations without having to go through spells of doubt that he had used to. With a big smile on his face, he added that he now had a girlfriend.

Several years ago I was invited to lead a preparation (C4-trituration / shameeah) of a placenta remedy in Switzerland. Twenty people came together. To our surprise all of us went through the experience of our mother’s pregnancy with us. One woman for example had severe eye pains as her mother had taken medication or drugs during the time of the pregnancy when the fetus did not have eyelids yet and was not yet able to close her eyes to protect them against the toxins in the amniotic fluid. Similarly every one of us had his or her specific individual experiences. One thing we all had in common was that when we experienced the middle of the pregnancy, the fourth to the sixth month, we all – with one exception – were deeply sad, felt abandoned and alone. What had happened? During that time the pregnancy is usually very stable and mother does not need to care much about the growing baby. It is also a time when the baby is still too small to make himself noticed by moving and kicking, thus it’s movements go unnoticed as it floats in an ocean of amniotic fluid. The result is that the baby can feel extremely alone and if it would be possible, often rather would leave this world again. Early experiences like that can influence our whole life.

Since that very painful experience, I tell every woman who is pregnant or thinks of getting pregnant: “Talk with your baby, especially when you cannot feel it!” We all need the feeling that we are connected, that we are loved. An unborn baby needs it especially strongly as it can neither cry nor touch mom.

Life happens, and not all pregnancies are wonderful for baby and mom. What a blessing, that even very early painful experiences like that can later be treated with homeopathy! The homeopathic remedy Placenta surely is one of these blessings; in the hands of an experienced and well trained homeopath the earliest traumatic experiences can heal.

If you have the feeling that you are suffering from things that happened before or during your birth or in your earliest childhood, talk with your homeopath about it. There are many ways to help and to heal these conditions.

You can find out more about C4-triturations / shameeah ceremonies on Roland’s website A shameeah ceremony is an exciting and often mind altering journey into a communication with a “remedy”, be it plant, animal or mineral. The technique Roland uses comes from homeopathy, the transformation in the process from alchemy, and the ceremonial aspect from the tradition of First Nations in which Roland was adopted. In his workshops and seminars he offers a unique opportunity to experience an authentic communication with nature. Contact him in order to partake.