Springtime and Allergies

It feels like springtime here in Victoria. The daffodils and crocuses are blooming. And with the alder blossoms and other pollens, many people start sneezing.

Are you allergic to anything? Do you know what the solution for allergies is? You’ll be surprised: It’s you. Maybe you are one of those who tried numerous ways to get rid of your allergies. How come that this so often does not work?
The answer is simple: Fighting a problem never creates peace, never creates health. You heard of the basic spiritual law, the law of attraction, which says: “What you resist persists, what you reject is what you attract.” The more we fight allergies, the worse they get. Or even worse, they do not get worse but the immunological problem moves somewhere else. A treatment might seem successful, the allergy seems to be gone, but a year later the patient might develop another immunological problem like an autoimmune disease. Sometimes we fight a symptom, the problem moves somewhere else and reappears in the disguise of another diagnosis.

It is time to focus on the solution, to focus on you. Homeopathy helps to make peace. That is how it works. Homeopathy does not fight, there are no enemies in homeopathy. The key to the solution is the remedy. This treasure is hidden deep in yourself. I can help you find it.

The Hopi elders have given us a message: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” You are the solution you have been looking for. A homeopathic treatment can help you to discover the reality of this. Homeopathic remedies can support you on your healing journey, so your immune system can function properly again, your energies can flow freely again. Homeopathy can bring you home to yourself.