Spaced out. Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?

What I want to talk about today, is one major component of health: Space.

Let us have a closer look.

In your room at home there is a certain amount of furniture and things and there is a certain amount of space. True? Imagine your room without space, filled with things. What a nightmare! No space, no air to breathe, you feel oppressed and depressed just thinking of it. Feeling good and comfortable is out of the question. Now imagine taking three quarters of the stuff out. A chair and a table that were there before but occupied with objects are now free, inviting to have a seat, to have a tea or coffee and to create. What a difference!

It is the same issue with health. When our rooms are too crowded with things, when our days are too much filled with things to do, when our mind is too filled with thoughts, when our psyche is full of painful emotions of old trauma, then it is difficult to be healthy.

So why is that?

The reason is: Life is change. Life is always changing, life needs change in order to stay alive. Change, however, needs space. It is the space in our life that allows us to relax. It is the space in our soul that allows us to heal. It is the space in our mind that allows us to have good ideas.

Read any creation mythology you want, creation started with space. In the Christian mythology we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator. This means that we too are creators, just smaller ones. He created the world, we create our life. Our life is our work of art. In order to create we need space, exactly like our heavenly Father.

Healing is a creative process. Healing needs new ideas, new ideas need space. Creativity needs space.

Last night I went in my mind through the list of clients who had a hard time healing, who had a hard time recovering from accidents. What most of them had in common is that they did not have space in their lives. One man did not recover from a concussion; I have never seen a room as filled with stuff as his. There was no space. Another one said: “I used to work seven days a week, up to 18 hours a day.” The same problem: No space.

Life needs space, so what will happen almost inevitably when things get too crowded, too narrow? We get sick, we might have an accident or we experience painful losses. You probably already can sense: space and time go together. They have the same origin. Once we are sick or injured, we do have space, we do have time. Now things can change, they need to change.

How can we stay healthy and how can we heal?

We need to create space in our lives, space to relax, to create, to change. The most elegant and effective way we can do this is by meditating. For some people it is going for walks, weeding the garden, lying in the sun, going paddling, just to name a few possibilities. Basically anything can work that allows you to calm down, to get out of the repetitive thoughts of your mind, anything that helps you to experience stillness.

Another important way to create space is to do a clean-up. We go through the rooms of our house and get rid of all the old things that we did not look at during the last year; that we did not hold in our hands for a while.

The same is true for our inner world. Shadow work is one of the most powerful tools to create space. Bringing light into the dark corners of our inner landscape, uncovering long forgotten pains that still did not heal, open up wounds that still fester. Allowing these old hurts to heal, will create an enormous amount of space which we feel as an increase in energy and joy. Friends can help with that, a good therapist or homeopathy.

Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist said in an interview that when he goes into a studio he always starts with a white page. He said that he has to be really careful to listen to the white page and to fill it in the most essential way so that his music has both structure and space. This is a master artist who was very aware of not overcrowding his musical creation, he knew that his music still needs space in order to be alive, to be radiant and to inspire.

Intuition and new ideas do not yell at us, they whisper. Fear screams at us, love whispers. Unless we make room, we cannot hear the whisper of love, the whisper of nature, the whisper of Spirit. And we might miss to make changes in time. Then changes will hit us from the outside, knock us over the head with the fence post so to speak. Either we open up deliberately, or life might decide to open us up, at first with a gentle nudge, and when we ignore this, it might increase the intensity until we cannot turn away from it anymore.

“Life creates what it needs”, the elder who taught me used to say. Our life needs space as desperately as we need air to breathe.

You do not have to do the clean-up alone. If you would like to have support in healing wounds of the past that still are crowding your present, send me an email to . Homeopathy is an elegant and powerful way to do this healing work.

Please feel welcome to pass this on to friends and relatives who need support. You might change their lives.