Slow“I’m in excruciating pain right now with this sciatica. I will contact you again when I’m through with that. This has to go fast, I do not have time for homeopathy right now.” The young man on the phone canceled his first appointment that he had with me for a chronic migraine. I wished him good luck.

It always makes me a sad when I hear the statement that homeopathy would act slowly. In my mind I went just through a few cases of the last couple of weeks: The diabetic with terrible neuralgia that ceased after the homeopathic remedy on the same day; the man with recurrent gout attacks who needed the strongest painkiller to manage his pain and a few days after a homeopathic remedy he told me: “That was the easiest gout attack I ever had. The remedy you gave me worked very fast, I even did not need to take any painkillers.” The sixty year old lady who was tormented daily by traumatic childhood memories haunting her even in her dreams in spite of years of therapies; two months after beginning the homeopathic treatments it was not a problem anymore. These are just a few examples.

For me as a homeopath these results are normal. I have experienced them myself. Once I was hardly able to drive my car coming back from Calgary because of an acute tooth ache. I was hardly able to focus on the traffic. Within minutes after taking a homeopathic remedy I had relief. Whoever has found almost instant relief with homeopathy in an acute situation, will never call it slow again, and no longer doubt it.

So, is homeopathy slow or is it fast?

To be honest, both is true. In acute situations it is often faster than any conventional medication. Chronic problems that took many years to develop however, usually do not go away overnight. Often it takes months, sometimes years until such a condition is overcome. Still, most of my clients come with a long list of treatment modalities that they already have tried without success and most of them find help in homeopathy. Does it always work? No, it does not. There are cases in which I simply cannot find the remedy for this specific person with this specific problem.

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