Dear Friends,

For my Blackfoot family on the prairies, the year starts in spring when the tribe used to break the winter camp and resume their nomadic life. Here on the West Coast, spring starts with the herring spawn. Millions and millions of silvery bodies moving in amazing synchronicity. It is an explosion of life. The herring do not come alone. They come with the sea lions, the eagles and thousands of ducks. The herring feed them all as well as us.

I was out in the kayak the other day. I had hoped to get a few and to surprise my wife in the evening with herring. Well, I have to admit, I did not get a single one. Then an old tug boat captain stopped his boat next to me. We talked about boating and fishing and living on the coast. It was a pleasure to see how this man loved the land and the water and everything alive here. With eyes radiant of joy he told me about the clouds of herring surrounding his boat and how they moved in amazing unison and elegance to get away from the attacking sea lions. “They are one hour further west from here”, he said. I probably looked a little disappointed as I shrugged my shoulders telling him that I had to get back to work and could not make it there today. He turned around, opened his cooler and with a big smile he handed me over a thick bag of freshly caught herring! What a joy!

“I got herring, honey!” I sported the bag of herring when I came home. “Well, ump, I did not really catch them but I got them.” – “At the sea food store?” – “No, when I was out with the kayak. Really!” Then I told her the story. We laughed and had our joy. That evening we had fried herring for dinner. I think they even tasted better than if I would have caught them myself. The story with the tug boat captain was just too good. That day I felt so full. The herring, the captain and the land filled me up with food, with beauty and with generosity.

The herring remind me of the abundance that we live in. The abundance of life, of beauty, of friends. And they remind me of sharing in that abundance. The herring give themselves fully to life. Where do I hold back? Where am I stingy with who I am? Do I nurture the people around me or do I take away from them? These were questions going through my mind in the evening.

A few days ago a client that had healed from Crohn’s disease told me: “I do not have these feelings of not being good enough anymore! I also do not think anymore that there is something wrong with me.” Homeopathy helped him to overcome not only his Crohn’s disease but also his lack of trust in himself. He found his inner abundance through homeopathy.

When you deal with a lack of health, of joy, of inspiration, consider kayaking. Or homeopathy. Both work, I can testify to that!