Hello Everyone,

This morning I went for a walk with our dog Brodie. The forest still looks like winter but there is already a whiff of spring in the air, especially when the sun is out. Under a Hemlock fir, I noticed something that grabbed my attention: Between Salal bushes and Oregon Grape, a cluster of Prince’s Pine is growing. The Prince’s Pine is not a pine at all, it is a herb that belongs to the Wintergreen family. Guess why! Yes you are right, it is a group of herbs that are green even in winter. It is February now and they keep their green foliage all winter.

A couple of years ago I was walking in the woods with a Coast Salish medicine woman and we chatted about the herbs we passed. When we saw the Prince’s Pine she explained that she uses it for prostate problems in men. How interesting, I thought, because in homeopathy it is used for the same purpose under its Latin name Chimaphila umbellata.

So let me address especially my brothers who might be reading these lines and if you are a woman, maybe you can pass it on to your husband or a friend. So many of us suffer from prostate problems, in my age group, almost three quarters of all men have to deal with it. It might be the new statistical norm, however, it is far from healthy. Do not let anybody tell you that this simply comes with age and that there is nothing you can do about it!

The Western medical approaches are not very appealing. There is some medication that can give symptomatic relief and then there is surgery. It is clear that both are less-than-ideal solutions as they are not even intended to heal but only to alleviate the symptoms. As necessary as surgery can be in certain cases, it also can have severe and very embarrassing consequences like urinary and erectile dysfunction. A whole industry is living off of those consequences, producing everything from diapers for men to implants.

Do not give up the hope of real healing!

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia / BPH / the enlargement of the prostate, is a collective issue. That means it is not only your or my individual problem, it is a problem of most men of our culture in this time and age. Besides that, it often has been in our families already for several generations, passed down from one generation to the next via the epigenetics. Because it is a collective issue, it also needs a collective solution. This means that as men we need to work together to deal with it successfully, otherwise we will pass it on to our sons.

We need to approach it on the level of the body and on the soul level and in the space in between, in the space that connects body and soul, which is the realm of the energetics.

Here is what you can do:

  • For the physical body take a herbal supplement, the most well-known is Saw Palmetto.
  • In order to work on the soul level, on the level of consciousness, meet with other men and share your problems, your insights, your failures and what you found works for you. We also need to do the soul research to come into touch with the deeper roots of the problem.
  • An energetic treatment can address the energetic imbalances in our body which created the physical problem in the first place. One option to do so is homeopathy. I have seen good results with homeopathic remedies in men struggling with BPH.

I really want to encourage you to not waste precious time with waiting. Do not make some half-hearted effort and then give up and hand it over to the surgeon. Do your research, get active and if it speaks to you, see a homeopath.

Men sometimes need a special encouragement to take care of their health, so I have a SPECIAL OFFER for men with prostate issues: When you register for a homeopathic treatment during this February, I will grant you a 25% discount on the first month!

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