Nothing In It?

The other day a patient of mine brought me a newspaper article which said that homeopathic remedies had been analyzed chemically and they do not contain any active ingredients. They are all made of glucose pills and the only difference of the thousands of remedies would be the label.

Nothing In It

I smiled. In my thirty years of practicing homeopathy I heard this story so often. Is it true what the newspaper is saying? Does that mean that homeopathic remedies are a fraud?

The answer is that homeopathic remedies are energetic remedies. They hold vibrational information as active ingredient, not chemicals. Now, when you analyze something chemically, information always gets lost. It simply cannot be discovered by methods of chemical analysis. Go into a book store and analyze 10 different books. In all of them you will find only paper, glue and ink. Chemically all these books are the same and their substance does not say anything about the information they hold. Take 10 different CDs and analyze them: Plastic and paper. The music is lost in the chemical analysis. Can you say, this is a betrayal, there is nothing in a CD that is written on the cover?

The old argument that homeopathic remedies do not contain active chemical substances is as silly as trying to find the music in the plastic or the lyrics in the paper. Chemical analysis can only find chemical substances. It cannot find information. In order to hear the music on a CD, you need an instrument which can read the information, a CD-player. Our body is the instrument that can read and use the vibrational information in a homeopathic remedy. This is why a migraine can disappear, a depression can lift or someone’s liver can recover when treated with homeopathics.

Modern physicists do not have a problem to understand homeopathy. However, a medical system that still believes in the physics of the 19th century has a problem to understand the energetic foundations of homeopathy.

For myself I have to admit that I do not need a “scientific” explanation. I know that our science can only understand and explain a tiny fraction of life. Since studying medicine I have seen so many medical theories come and go, so many medical approaches shift and change, so many of scientific knowledge later proven wrong that I humbly accept what is so even if I cannot explain it.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
(Hamlet to Horatio)

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