“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. It is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Why is it that so many proponents of homeopathy are highly spiritual people like Mahatma Gandhi in the above pacifist-71445_640quote?

In most of its 200 year old history, homeopathy was linked to spirituality. Materialism and religious fanaticism is not an environment in which this healing art can bloom. A hundred years ago, homeopathy was very widespread and highly successful all over Europe and North America. The first half of the twentieth century saw a rising of materialistic thinking. Nature did not count much anymore, people did not count either. Whoever could not do his job, got replaced. Culture dwindled, society turned into a mass society. The industrialization, even of agriculture created a war against nature. People and plants alike could be (ab)used and forced, legal and economical terror on the human side and chemical violence in agriculture had the same foundation: The denial of the sacredness of life, the denial of a Divine soul.

A homeopathic remedy does not fight, it creates peace. There is no violence in it, it holds the essence, the soul of a plant, a mineral or animal, depending on what it was made from. A homeopathic remedy is a dialogue on a physical and also on a soul level between a suffering human and the wisdom of nature represented in the remedy. When peace is re-established, suffering can go and freedom opens up.

Fight always creates winners and losers, and often in the same person. Homeopathy is based on non-violence. This is the reason why peace-loving people feel attracted to it. Gandhi’s statement did not lose any of its value. What was true during his life is still true today.

Are you tired of the fight? Would you like to have more peace in your life? Call a homeopath.

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