My Grandfather’s Truth About Ending WarMy-Grandfathers-Truth-About-Ending-War

My grandpa was the most loving man you can ever imagine. After having experienced WW1 and WW2 and the terror of the Nazi regime, his love was drenched in sadness. As a little boy I soaked up the despair that was expressed in the songs he sang. One of those songs was a soldier song from WW1. “We are riding into battle, in our hearts the most bitter distress. It is the yearning for life that wants to overcome us but we keep riding until the yearning dies.”

This is what war is: Ignoring the signals of our soul that wants to live life joyfully. If our soul is in distress, is crying out in fear or in depression, we carry on until we are deaf to her crying. If the shrieking for help is too loud, then we use antidepressants or other drugs to help us not to feel it.

Similar is what we are taught how to deal with our body when it is aching: At first we ignore the pain, if that doesn’t work we numb it with painkillers (can you hear the violence in the word painkiller?).

This is war. It is exactly what the distressed soldiers did when they were on their way to battle, on their way to fight and to kill. We war against our soul, we war against our body. It is the old patriarchal principle: Mind over matter. We force the body, we subject it with violence, either physical or chemical, and if that is not enough, then we use mental violence. Do you beat a child that is crying out in pain? Why do we beat our bodies when they cry out in pain? This is a patriarchal approach of dominance, suppression and abuse against the Feminine. Our body is a gift of the Feminine, of Mother Earth. Think for a moment about the way we grow our food: We force Mother Earth with chemicals to give more, we poison her and in the consequence ourselves. The way we deal with our soul, with our body and with Mother Earth is exactly the same: It is an expression of the war against the Feminine, cultivated in thousands of years of patriarchy.

My grandfather was able to use song to really express the sadness in a way that he could heal his soul. There was hope. There was a way to end the violence and be able to end the war. The same hope is alive in homeopathy. We can listen to our body, we can listen to our soul. I sit with a patient for several hours when we start working together. I listen to him / her. I listen to every signal of his / her body, to every word in which s/he expresses the pain and yearning of her soul. This is when the solution opens up, when the right remedy, the right course of action is being revealed. This is when healing begins. Homeopathy is making peace, it is ending the war. Homeopathy is also honoring the wisdom of the Feminine as it is expressed in our body and soul.

When it is the right time for you to make peace, you will know. Your heart will tell you if you are in a battle and you need support. I encourage you to follow it, to find a medicine where you can sing your song and you can finally heal. I invite you to contact me, to send me an email when you are ready (roland@victoriahomeopathy). Your body and your soul will thank you.