masksA man is walking along the sidewalk of our town with a scary red devil’s mask and little horns on his head. It is Halloween, a great time to wear a mask, to explore how it feels to slip into a different identity. I took a deep breath and gave a sigh of relief when I imagined that some time tonight the devil on the sidewalk is going to take the mask off again.

I once wore a mask that I could not take off, as much as I tried. Years after the separation from a former partner, I met her with a new partner. I had known that she had found someone and I was happy for her. That’s what I thought. Yet when I saw her, a jealousy rose in me that I had never known before. It was like a wrong identity, like a mask that’s not me. No matter how much I reasoned that it is silly and mean and that jealousy can only cause pain and hurt in everybody including myself, I was not able to let it go; I couldn’t take that mask off.

I asked for help. A homeopathic colleague gave me a remedy made of a snake poison. Within a few days, my Halloween was over, the mask was gone. What a relief that was, to have myself back again!

I surely hope that you never will experience that. It’s not fun. Yet if it should happen, then you know that there is help. Don’t wait to ask for it. Call 250-896-0070. There are better things to do in life than wear ugly masks involuntarily. Homeopathy can give you back the power to consciously choose who you are. Then Halloween will be fun again.