In the Dragon’s Mouth

In-the-Dragons-MouthOne morning after waking up, six year old Anderson was very excited:

“Mom, I had a dream! You know the red dragon in the playground that I like to climb on? I was sitting in its mouth and in my dream, all of a sudden the mouth closed and I was caught! It was all dark in there, really scary. But the good thing was, I had two friends with me, a flashlight and a homeopathy kit. So everything was okay.”

We had a good laugh when Anderson’s mom told me about it. This dream directed me to the next remedy that the little boy needed. I was impressed and pondered about it. Somehow it feels more than just a children’s dream.

Most of us know how it is to be in the mouth of a dragon. Sooner or later we will go through that. For some of us our dragon might be a disease, for others it might be grief or anxiety. There are three things that we need to get through such times:

  • Friends, because none of us makes it alone.
  • A flashlight represents a goal or a vision that we follow and that sheds light on our path and
  • Homeopathy, which is something we can trust from experience because we know it’s not going to let us down.

Do you have your safety kit in place? Friends, a flashlight and homeopathy? Remember little Anderson. Get your essentials together. If one of the three is missing, get moving.

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