I Own My Space Now

Did you ever feel like you were the victim of negative thoughts, the victim of emotions of fear and anxiety? If so, then this story might be just for you. Too often we do not run our lives but life seems to run us. Or to be more precise: our fears and anxieties seem to run our lives. Karen came to see me for homeopathic treatment because of anxiety, depression, and chronic sciatic pain that had existed for about 30 years. At a follow-up, this is what she said:

“Everything is better. The most obvious things are my thoughts. I never had control over my thoughts, I had negative uncontrollable thoughts. They used to keep me awake at night with racing heart beat. Now, in the second such a thought enters my mind, there is an awareness and I can stop it. These thoughts have no power over me anymore. Things that used to devastate me do not upset me anymore. I can draw boundaries now which was very difficult in the past. I own my space for the first time in my life. Anger used to stick with me for days; this is not an issue anymore. I cannot remember having ever felt this good for this long. I have such an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. The physical symptoms also got better. The sciatica is much less. The reflexes are slowly getting normal again. I am not as tight with my money anymore. I can buy something for myself and be happy with it. I am much more connected to people. This is really exciting, it is peacefully exciting. When I look back, it was awful to live like that. 58 years my thoughts and emotions had control over me. Now I am in charge. I felt broken, incomplete and damaged. I had given up any hope that I would ever reach the completion that I have now.”

Please take a moment and feel the freedom that opens up the moment we can let go of fear. It is real. It became reality for Karen and it could be reality for others struggling with similar issues.
Fear makes us smaller than we are, fear constricts us, fear is the source for depression and for many forms of physical diseases, including cancer.

We need you in your fearlessness. We will not overcome our personal limitations, nor will we be able to tackle the global problems of destruction of the environment and social injustice. These problems all originated from fear. Your liberation is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to the world.

Give yourself, give your friends the gift of hope that love is stronger than fear, that liberation from fear is a potential only an arm’s length away. Reach out and allow yourself to be supported on your path to liberation. There are many ways of support possible.

Homeopathy is one of them, and it is a good one.