In the 19th century, homeopathy spread throughout the world, mainly because it proved to be very helpful in epidemics like whooping cough, cholera, scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid and influenza. This is quite amazing as homeopathic remedies are purely energetic in their action.

Let us have a short look back into history:

During the Spanish Flu, 1918-19, the overall fatalities worldwide were between 50 and 100 million, while about one third of the world population (1.8 billion souls) got infected. In the US, the death toll was around 680,000 people. On average, 28% of the more severe cases treated in conventional hospitals died. The mortality of the 25,000 cases treated with homeopathy was between 1 and 3 %. In military hospitals there was a mortality rate of 25%. It promptly sank to 15% on every ward where aspirin was stopped as a medication (a clear indication that suppressing the fever is not helpful).
Another example is the leptospirosis epidemic in Cuba in 2007. Only 15,000 doses of vaccines were available. 2.3 million doses of a homeopathic remedy were given out in the most affected areas. A significant decrease of the disease was observed in the homeopathically treated areas whereas the regions in which the homeopathics were not provided saw disease rates rise sharply.


Now let’s turn to the present:

Homeopaths all over the world are working on the present COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. In more severe epidemics, often the individuality of patients is moved more into the background; after all, many patients are showing symptoms that are common to all. This is why homeopaths then move away from their strictly individual treatment and are now looking for one or a few remedies that fit for most patients in order to offer help to a high number of people.

In this global crisis, I am in a constant process of information exchange with homeopaths from all over the world. According to the information that I have received so far, in Hong Kong, Iran, Italy and Germany, the following are the main remedies that have been used successfully: Camphora, Bryonia, Eupatorium perfoliatum and Arsenicum (yes, you read correctly, we use Arsenicum as a remedy, however, not the poisonous arsenic; in the process of preparing the remedy, the originally poisonous substance is highly diluted and highly energized so that in the end the physical aspect disappears completely and action is purely energetic). In cases of pneumonia, Phosphorus or one of the phosphorus salts were often helpful. What is interesting is that Bryonia, Camphora, Arsenicum and Phosphorus are remedies we often prescribe to treat anxiety. Fear and anxiety are surely two of the important symptoms of this pandemic. Eupatorium perfoliatum, however, is the go-to remedy when severe bone pains are in the foreground, hence its English name, boneset.

I do not recommend experimenting with any of these remedies. Homeopathy is a very complex healing modality that needs considerable training and experience. However, I definitely recommend connecting with a good homeopath who can support you during a difficult time like this. If you do not know one, please check the directory of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths, , or for the US, check the website of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) .

There is one message that this pandemic shouts loud and clear: You do not need to go through this alone. Actually, we cannot even do it alone. We do reach out to our neighbours, friends and family, to help and be helped. You can also honour your need to care for yourself and reach out to a homeopath.