Heroes and Runny Noses

“I thought you were teasing me! I was sneezing and had a runny nose because of my hay fever, and you gave me a remedy of an onion! But it worked, I am amazed.” This is what a patient told me while laughing when he came for a follow-up consultation for his allergies.

The basic principle of homeopathy is that we give a remedy in a highly diluted and highly energized form which in its crude form can cause the problem. A remedy made of an onion would be able to cure sneezing and runny noses because we all start sneezing and our nose starts running when we chop onions. This is how it works, the onion as a remedy can cure hay fever.

This principle was known since the oldest of times. The “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates, lived around 400 BC in ancient Greece. He stated that there are two Laws of Healing: The Law of the Opposites and the Law of the Similars. Conventional medicine uses the Law of the Opposites, it uses antibiotics to cure bacterial infections, anti-hypertensives to treat blood hypertension, anti-spasmodics to relieve spasms, etc. In homeopathy however, we might treat tonsillitis with an herb that can create an inflammation of the tonsils, high blood pressure with a remedy that can cause high blood pressure, and spasms with an herb that can create spasms in its crude form. And it works. Millions of people all over the earth experience it.

Do you remember the story of the snakes killing the people in the Old Testament? Moses asked the Lord for help and he was instructed to make an erected metal snake, and whoever had been bitten and would then look at this metal snake, shall not die. And so it was. This is healing according the homeopathic principle. The problem (the snakes) were made into a remedy (the metal snake sculpture) and brought to a higher vibration, symbolized by the erected snake.

When the ancient Greeks fought King Telephos, they lost the battle but Achilles had wounded the king’s thigh. The wound did not heal. When all healers had failed, a seer was consulted. He said: “Only the spear that caused the wound, can heal it.” The hero Achilles received King Telephos, they scraped some substance from his spearhead into the wound of the suffering king, and the wound healed. Again we have the Law of the Similars, healing according the principles of homeopathy.

Did you know that you yourself are a homeopath as well? When your best friend was in deep grief after she just had lost her mother, did you crack jokes and tell her to come party (Law of the Opposites), or did you sit with her, compassionately listening and sharing her sadness? See, you did the latter. Law of the Similars. The word Homeopathy comes from “homoios pathein”, ancient Greek for “suffering similarly”. This is what you did. You sat with your friend, suffered in a compassionate and similar way and this was soothing for her.

Both ways, the Law of the Opposites and the Law of the Similars, have their place in life, they have their time to be applied. Both laws birthed complete systems of medicine, the Western Medicine following the Law of the Opposites and Homeopathy, based on the Law of the Similars. When fighting a problem with the opposite does not help, maybe it is time to consider using another principle.

So when you are still dealing with a health issue in spite of having used the Western Medicine for a long time, pick up the phone and set up a free pre-consultation. And when you know someone that you care for that is struggling with a problem, pass her / him this message and my phone number 250-896-0070. There is hope. There is even more than hope: there is the possibility of healing.