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Some weeks ago I had a conversation with someone knowledgeable about traditional Chinese medicine. She said: “Problems in the lungs are about grief.” I shrug my shoulders and thought that in psychosomatic medicine lungs are about communication. So what, everybody has his theories.

Then a friend of mine told me this dream: “A man offered us a vial with a vaccine against the coronavirus. One of my friends took it and threw it in the ocean, the other one laughed and said: ‘This virus is here to teach us how to grieve. Why would we want to vaccinate against that?!”
This dream made me think.

In the following weeks I saw many clients coming to see me who were grieving. Even patients dealing with a Covid-19 infection often experienced some kind of grief shortly before or even during the outbreak of the disease. I do not know if this is a consequence of the limitations which the epidemic puts on us, or if it has directly to do with the virus, as the dream seemed to suggest. It is unquestionable that our lives slowed down. Slowing down in itself is enough to allow the past to catch up with us. Why is that so? The past is stored in the nervous system of our body. When we slow down, then we start to feel because our feelings have a slower pace than our thoughts. When we slow down even more, then the body can catch up with us because the pace of the body is even slower than the pace of our emotions. Through the slowing down of the pace of our lives, things  can emerge out of our past that are not yet digested, that have not yet been integrated.

Even though these memories often come with uncomfortable emotions of fear or sadness or shame, their rising from the shadows of our unconsciousness can be very positive. If you store all kinds of stuff in your garage for many years, in the end the garage will be full and you hardly can breathe in it anymore. Time for a radical cleanup!
In our inner world there are areas in which we store the past. Once in a while they need to be cleaned up, otherwise the leftovers of the past take up more and more space and hardly allow us to live our lives in the present. Too much undigested past in our nervous system means little freedom for an exciting life, as our creativity will be limited by too much carry-on luggage, that we constantly have to take care of. Time for a radical cleanup! The coronavirus gives us the opportunity to do so.

When our present is not overloaded and overshadowed by the past anymore, then we can breathe more freely. We create space around us. I believe that when we cleanup our past, our lungs are less likely to fill up with mucus that makes breathing difficult.

Emotions are usually the first sign of the past arising. The most common emotion reminding us of pain that we experienced in the past, is fear. It is mainly the fear that something like that might come again. So we try to avoid that in our life. The problem here is that the law of attraction says: What you reject is what you attract. What we try to avoid is what we call into our life. When we do not try to avoid the fear anymore but open up to face it, deal with it, integrate it, then this fear will give way to space. When we have space in our life, then there’s room for intuition, for insight, for creativity. Life is exciting now!

If I understand it fully or not, my experience proves that Chinese Medicine and the dream of my friend were right: The coronavirus teaches us to grieve. It also teaches us to work together as it is not a problem we can solve on our own. The whole world needs to cooperate now.

Please remember that you do not have to do it alone. We need each other to give us stability in challenging times. Sometimes it can be friends or family and sometimes we might reach out to a professional for help.

Homeopathy is a healing modality that can help us heal from a virus infection more gracefully. Homeopathy can also help us to go through the sometimes painful process of integrating past trauma more elegantly and with less friction. Things simply can go easier with homeopathy.