Get Out of Your Way!


Weeks after a fall, my wife Barb had increasingly terrible headaches. After another sleepless night we headed straight into emergency of a hospital. A CT-scan showed that a hematoma in the head caused the problem. Surgery was 1893495needed. However, the neurosurgeons were busy with other even more acute and urgent operations. We waited and my wife’s condition got worse. We got upset, to no avail. On the second day, we were desperate. We needed the operation and we needed it now! After we got the news again that the surgeons were busy operating emergencies, we just could not cope anymore, our energies were spent and the hope for a surgery that day vanished. We surrendered and said: Well, we prayed for healing and now we have to trust that whatever happens is the way in which Spirit guides us to healing. Then the unexpected happened: An hour later she was in the operating room. You cannot imagine my joy when I saw her again later that evening after the surgery! She looked so much better, the terrible headache and nausea was gone and honestly, I thought that she looked even more beautiful than ever before!

The great spiritual teacher Sri Krishnamurti once said: Life has an astonishing way of taking care of us, once we no longer mind what’s happening.” That was the lesson. In other words: Get the f… out of your own way and let Spirit help you!

As long as we think we know what needs to happen, as long as we want to get our own way, as long as we are convinced that things are completely wrong and that we know what would be right, Spirit can neither teach us nor help us. We have to get out of the way. Only then can life show its amazing flow and harmony.

It is simply the Law of Attraction: What you resist persists.

Change happens easily when we are okay with what is. This can be very difficult when we are in pain. Life is change, so change will even happen in spite of our resistance, however, more slowly and often with considerable and painful friction. Acceptance is the oil in the wheels of change, resistance is the sand in the gear box that can bring things to a grinding halt. Do you know what the magic fuel of change is that speeds things up amazingly? It is gratitude, the gratitude for what is. This is the high mastery of creating change. To be grateful for the healing while we are still in pain and healing does not seem to be in sight, this is the secret power of all great healers. If it is Jesus or Fools Crow, they all gave thanks before the healing had happened because they never doubted that it would; and they never were wrong.

Sometimes we cannot make it alone and we also do not need to. When things do not move, we might need help. Then consider homeopathy. Homeopathy is a most elegant way to make peace with what is, so that healing can occur.

I am sure that you also had experiences when things all of a sudden started happening for you once you surrendered to what is. Share them with us. We all learn from sharing stories about how and what Spirit taught us. We all are teachers and students at the same time and somebody might need to hear exactly your story to move on and to heal. Share it. Maybe even as a comment on my website.