Freed from a Toxic Prison!

Freed-from-a-Toxic-PrisonWhen I started studying homeopathy 35 years ago, we did not hear much about detoxifying because there were fewer toxins in the environment. We based our prescriptions on the characteristics of our patients and what health condition they were dealing with.

A month ago I partook in an international conference about autism. Practitioners from North and South America, from Europe and New Zealand were present. I was shocked to see these children, I was amazed how courageously the parents fought for their kids, I was deeply touched to hear about hundreds of children that could be helped with homeopathy.

It was painful to see how, in these children, their healthy individuality was pushed into the background and covered with an overlay of body toxicity. What in milder cases was expressed as restlessness and inability to focus, in severe cases it was an inability to connect with people, even with their own parents. The medical diagnosis seemed to cover up the fact that the underlying problem is often not a “disease”, it is an intoxication. Sometimes parents were made to believe that their children’s problems originate in the genes and in that way parents are made to accept that there is little change possible, which is far from the truth.
Where do all these toxins come from? They come from many sources, for example from the food we eat, from the drugs that the mother took during pregnancy, childbirth or the nursing period. These substances also leave energetic scars that can be present for a long time after the substance has been eliminated from the body. Certain neurological pathways in the brain can be blocked or inhibited. There are also multitudes of vibrational influences from cell phone to TV and ultrasound that penetrate and disturb the child’s inner sense of peace and safety already in the womb. All these things have an effect on the child and they accumulate until it is overwhelming and the child ends up with toxic symptoms.

There is hope and there is help. One way to eliminate chemical and energetic toxins including the scars they leave in a body is homeopathy. As homeopaths we increasingly use remedies which very specifically target these toxins and which help a patient to detoxify. I wish you could see the joy of parents whose autistic toddler looks at them for the first time in a year! It is a mind released out of a toxic prison, a soul waking up to life again.

As I write this on the ferry to Vancouver, the sun is rising, making her way up the sky and working through some dark clouds that still are covering it. It symbolizes what I have been writing about. Never doubt that the clouds that are darkening the light in your child’s eyes (or your own) can be removed! This is the promise of homeopathy. This is the promise that I extend to you. That I will help your inner light to shine again, that I will do whatever is possible to remove the clouds of toxins, of fear, of despair. Send me an email if you need help, or call me (250-650-1662). Pass on this message to the people you love and who you see struggling with disease. A diagnosis is not a verdict. There is help, never doubt that.

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