Eagle on The Hunt

Eagle-on-the-HuntThis afternoon, a small yet steadfast group met at the Esquimalt Lagoon in Colwood for a Nature Walk in spite of the cold and rainy weather. Two of the participants even had come all the way from the Comox valley! The weather did not allow for too much leisure. Roland pointed out the many different species of waterfowl, the modest Gadwall and the elegant Norther Pintail being just two amongst many others. Roland explained how the specific design of their colorful plumage is related to their behavior. While the group was just busy looking for a flock of Red Breasted Mergansers, all of a sudden all the seagulls that had rested on an island rose into the air. They had good reason for that, a Bald Eagle had appeared. It had singled out one specific seagull and hunted after it. The seagull however, skillfully avoided the eagle’s attacks and after some impressive aerobatics the eagle moved on searching for easier prey.

After we had watched this magnificent spectacle, Roland told stories about how remedies holding eagle energy are being used in modern homeopathy. Yet even without remedies, watching these beautiful and expressive creatures in their natural environment surely is comforting and healing for our over stressed minds.