Eagle on the Hunt

Eagle-on-the-HuntYesterday I was sitting at my desk and, instead of working, I looked out the window over the ocean and pondered about all the violence in the world. The events in Paris had touched me deeply and even more so the millions of people who went on the streets and declared that they do not go into fear, that they cannot be terrorized. At that moment big flocks of ducks and seagulls filled the sky and I knew that it was likely caused by a hungry eagle looking for a meal. What a beauty to see all these birds and indeed, an eagle passed by. What is the difference between the violence in Paris and the eagle on the hunt? Why does the eagle on the hunt make me smile, even fills me with joyful excitement, whereas the thought of the events in Paris sends a jolt of pain through my body that makes me contract? It is both about killing, what is the difference? Is it not both violence?

My partner Barb passed by my door. I asked her what she sees about the difference.

She gave me a surprising answer: “The eagle does not hate, actually the eagle loves her prey. The people in Paris have been killed out of hate. This is what makes it so terribly painful.”

I remembered the times when I went hunting with my adopted brother Pat Morning Owl, a Blackfoot Indian from Southern Alberta. We had prayed before we had left and we prayed again once the deer was down. We thanked the spirit of the deer for giving us this food. There was a deep respect, and yes, like Barb was saying, there was a love relationship. There is one sacred moment when hunter and prey become one. I have experienced this with Native friends and relatives, and I have experienced the same when I did ceremony with birds of prey. Killing in nature is sort of a love affair.

When we struggle with pain, with a problem, with a disease, we easily go into a war mode. Fighting it, getting rid of it, letting it go and all these ways of physical or mental violence. The eagle teaches us to have a love affair with it, to become one with it. Then what seemed to be an enemy will serve us. “What you resist persists, what you look at disappears.” Law of attraction.

Homeopathy works like that. Homeopathy can help us to make peace with a problem and to transform the problem into a gift. In our greatest challenge lies our greatest potential. Our illnesses are the gateways to our health. Homeopathy offers a key that opens up the gate for us to pass into health.

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