Do You Really Want It?

A middle aged man was sitting with me and we talked about his longstanding skin condition. “I tried conventional and naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and nothing helped. Now a friend told me about homeopathy and I thought maybe I should try that also.”

I smiled and said: “Yoda in Star Wars says: ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ So do you want to heal or do you want to try?”

Do You Really Want It?

I have this conversation about commitment with everybody who is interested in a homeopathic treatment. Trying something out can be a lot of fun but trying can also be a way of sabotaging ourselves. If trying means that I do something without being committed, if it means I do something half-heartedly, then I have a problem: The universe answers in the same half-hearted way and lets me try. I cannot expect the universe to be committed to my success if I am not. To make it very clear: Doing something half-heartedly is like setting oneself up for failure. It is a waste of time, energy and money and usually has very little success. Besides that, it is simply not fun.

This is by no means specific for homeopathy. This is an energetic law that is true for whatever we do in life. When we are wavering, the result is wavering. How different it is when you want something really badly! You have a good chance of succeeding because you will do whatever it takes. The path to success in life usually has bumps and holes. With every bump on the path we are being asked the question: Do you really want this? Or do you give up as soon as there is a challenge to be faced?

Imagine if I am in a relationship and am not really committed! My partner could not trust me, we both  would not invest much and consequently will not receive much back. It would be a poor relationship by design and it is very unlikely to survive a challenge.

I am fully committed to the healing of my clients. I give it all, my knowledge, my experience, my trust that there is a solution and that we will find it. I love to work with people who are serious in what they want, who are equally committed not to me but to their own healing. This is an attitude that attracts success.

Do you really want to heal?

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