“Excessive growth is a sin”, I heard spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl say. His words jolted in my body. In that moment Thomas lost me as a listener. In front of my inner eyes all the people emerged that I had treated with cancer in forty years of practicing. I saw all the cancers growing exponentially, falling apart and in the end killing many of the hosts.

When a healthy body cell turns cancerous, this is what happens; the cell regresses to a more undifferentiated state, becomes primitive and aggressive. The cell stops communicating with surrounding cells and with the organ and the organism it belongs to. It starts growing aggressively. Almost always this leads to pain, suffering, destruction and often to death. Some people are being saved by surgery, others survive, some maybe because of and others in spite of radiation and chemotherapy.
Many, many die.

About a third of our population is dying from cancer each year. The sheer numbers are prove that we are not dealing with an individual problem here. Cancer in its origin is not a problem of the ones that have a cancer. It is a problem of a culture, of a collective.

A little while ago I flew into Calgary. From the airplane I saw Highway 2 going south from the city center. Twenty five years ago I was standing down there outside the city limits, hitchhiking. Where there was open prairie back then, now there are miles and miles of new developments. I could not help than seeing a cancer growing wild, invading healthy tissue and seeding metastases all around.

We all believe in growth. We all want more and more, it is never enough. It is the credo of our lives, it is the basis of our economy. We worship growth. Even though every day we hear the news, see the destruction we are causing, are shocked by tornadoes, floods and droughts, yet we still keep bowing to the necessity of growth. Even if it is clear that it will lead to suffering and destruction, as long as it is possible to make a profit today, it is being done. The result is not only the destruction of the body of Grandmother Earth, it is also the destruction of our own bodies.

Our bodies are a gift of Grandmother Earth. What we do to our body, we do to Earth.  What we do to Earth, we do to our body.
What goes around, comes around. The energy we send out, will come back to us. Some of it comes back to us in the moment we send it out, and some of it will reach us through a circle of consequences later. But it does come back.
As a culture we send out the energy of unrestrained growth no matter what the price is. One way in which it comes back to us is as cancer. Every person affected by cancer suffers through this unhealthy and exponential growth. Every cancer patient is a living reminder of a violation of a sacred law: “Excessive growth is a sin.” Every cancer patient is a plea to us to stop and feel what we are doing. Every cancer is a chance of waking up. If we want it or not, it is not medicine and possibly not even science that will show us a way out of this. It is our waking up of a comatose sleep, drugged by glitter of consumption and fueled by unbearable anxiety, the consequence of having lost the connection with ourselves, with the Sacred, with each other, with nature and with Earth.

May we bow down to every cancer patient and thank him/her for balancing our deviations from the Sacred Laws of Creation with their bodies. It is time that we assume responsibility for what is happening.