Cancer – A Call For Help

Seven and half a million people die each year from it and the numbers are increasing.Cancer - A Call For Help

Cancer.  We all have friends or relatives suffering from it. We all know its impact for the whole family.

The challenge is that the medical treatment of cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is so intense and for many people not only help but also an additional problem.

But there’s hope. New homeopathic remedies have been found that treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation very effectively. Hardly anyone of my patients experiences symptoms like nausea and diarrhea anymore, or even the collapse of the will to live which are common problems under chemotherapy.

So, I’ve been asking myself how I can help best.

For you or anyone within your community that is facing cancer, I’d like to offer you 25% off your first month of treatment.

It’s my way of helping and it’s your way of getting help in addition to the conventional treatment. Whoever is facing this challenge has the right to receive help and support, and this as soon as possible.

This offer is good until June 15th.

In Good Health,