Butterfly Medicine

Ever Heard about Butterfly Medicine?

Butterfly-MedicineToday I walked our dog Brodie in the woods. In a sunny spot on a Bitter Cherry bush, there was an Admiral butterfly sitting. To be exact, it was a Lorquin’s Admiral which is one of the beautiful butterflies flying in this time of the year on every sunny day. It was sitting there, almost still, its dark wings spread out with the white lines showing. How beautiful! A smile went over my lips. Now is the time of the year that we can watch them in nature, these flying jewels. How precious to see the big yellow and black Swallowtail passing through a garden, how exciting to spot a Mourning Cloak sitting on a flower. Later in the year the long distance travelers will fly in from the South, the Painted Lady, the Red Admiral or even a Monarch butterfly. What they all have in common is that they make us smile.

I am sure that you have also stopped to admire a butterfly and in doing so, it conjured up a smile. This is what they do, they bring a little sunshine in our soul, even in moments when life does not feel like fun.
It is not only their beauty and their erratic flight that touches us. They have a deeper mystery, the mystery of metamorphosis. Imagine: Somewhere a female butterfly lays an egg. A caterpillar hatches and starts eating until it turns into a pupa. Inside this pupa, the caterpillar dissolves into a soup of nutrients, visionary cells wake up that know about the goal of their transformation and organize all other cells in a way that after a period of time a butterfly emerges from the pupa. Egg – caterpillar – pupa and the mature insect, the butterfly. The four stages do not resemble each other in any way. They do not have the least similarity. For a moment allow this miracle to touch you. Compare this with a horse: a colt already looks more or less like a miniature horse. It will simply grow bigger – that’s all. The butterfly, however, transforms into something totally new.

Sometimes our lives need to be transformed. Signs might be that our lives fall apart, our self esteem seems to go hiding, even what we consider our identity might crumble. We might experience what the old sages called the “dark night of the soul”. This is a state which is common especially in people on a spiritual path. One day transformation is waiting. And our lives fall apart, we dissolve, our hopes are thwarted, our expectations are disappointed. It’s getting dark around us and lonely. We ask for help, do this treatment and that one, nothing seems to make a difference. It is exactly then that we need help from a butterfly. The most powerful way to get this is by a homeopath giving us a butterfly remedy. This is a remedy which holds the essence, the core vibration of a butterfly. The butterfly knows exactly how it is when you dissolve, when you are in a dark place, you cannot move, no light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. So what does the butterfly do? It gives us peace in that situation and then the transformational process can happen, can be completed.

Then there is the break through, the moment at which the skin of the pupa breaks open and releases the butterfly. It is the moment that we wake up from our depression and experience real freedom. It feels like a miracle, and it is one. One of my patients had been struggling with this kind of depression. She received a butterfly remedy and a couple of weeks later the depression was gone. She woke up, left her past behind and started a new career and changed her whole life. “Since I’ve taken your magical Butterfly remedy, the transformation in my personal/professional life has been out of this world. I am happy.”

There are other ways in which to connect with Butterfly Medicine. Plant a butterfly bush in your garden, stop when you see a butterfly or go visit a butterfly house like we have one just North of Victoria near the Butchart Gardens. Butterflies will touch your soul with lightness and ease. When you know someone in a deep depression, a Cabbage White in the garden might not be enough to remove the darkness in one’s soul. Consider telling him/her about homeopathy, and about the miracle of transformation.