Autism – A Modern Epidemic

Imagine living in 1918. No internet, no cell-phone, no high tech medicine. It was the day of the door to door doctor. In 1918 the notorious flu spread around the world. In a matter of months as many as 50 million died. Many healthy young people were affected. Thirty percent of the people infected ended up dead within hours or days. In North America alone more than 700,000 people died. On average, 30% of those infected died. A fact not commonly known is that homeopaths during that time lost less than 1% of their patients, and they treated many, many thousands.

In modern medicine we think about vaccination, we think about being protected by antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs. We often forget about what we learned from the past, that homeopathy really works. Epidemics of today come to mind, cancer, depression, immune diseases and many others.

One of the most common is autism. Twenty years ago 1 child in 1000 was autistic. Latest statistics say, in boys it is 1 in 36 now! This is not only alarming, this is of concern for the entire nation. What is also shocking is that very few children are born autistic. Ninety seven percent of autistic children have a normal development, until between 1 and 2 years of age they stop progressing, they regress and lose contact even to their parents. Imagine the pain the parents have to go through when their once bright and normal child starts drifting away until they almost do not seem to know them anymore. If you happen to know a parent of an autistic child, you will truly understand their love and care for the child. The challenge is, that often the medical diagnosis is one that tries to treat the autism rather than the child himself. Even though many, many will tell you that there is no cure, I can tell you there is.
The sooner a child receives homeopathic treatment, the better are the chances for recovery.

It might sound bold to state that a treatment such as homeopathy could do so much for the epidemic that is spreading the nation. What I can state wholeheartedly is that I’ve seen amazing improvements in children with autism.

Pause for a moment. For whom would you possibly make a world of a difference when you let him / her know that the diagnose autism is not a verdict but a path with a potential for cure. Maybe you want to pass on this information to them. You might give a child another chance, you might help a family to get out of despair.

Come, come, whoever you are.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, yet again, come.