4th Dimension of Homeopathy – Imponderables November 21st

Amara Wellness presents The 4th Dimension of Homeopathy, a seminar series running this fall with Roland Guenther and Sunil Anand. In this seminar, we will be discussing Imponderables. Please join us on November 21st at 10 AM PST.
Roland Guenther

Vancouver Island Homeopathy

It is very easy to understand how physical things we interact with have effects on us but have you ever considered how powerfully the immaterial realm affects us?

The common saying “out of sight, out of mind” seems to be fitting here but what is out of sight has so many effects on us:

– Even low-level exposure of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been reported to cause a wide range of health problems.

– Many skin cancers are a result of exposure to the UV rays from sunlight or man-made sources of UV rays.

-The energy of the full moon drives corals to release eggs and gametes in a reproductive frenzy.

-The rising and falling of the sea is determined by the gravitational attraction between the moon and the earth. Humans also experience a variety of physical and mental effects from the moon.

– The powerful force of the magnetic field has the ability to draw certain metals such as iron, cobalt, and nickel together. Magnets on human skin attract the iron in blood, stimulating blood flow and movement of oxygen and nutrients.  Nerves in the area also get stimulated, causing the body to release endorphins. The combination of increased blood flow and endorphins speeds up the healing process and improves overall health.

In Homeopathy these powerful sources from Nature are known as Imponderables and can help bring healing in a range of diseases.

Learn about these amazing forces and the therapeutic utility of these gifts from Nature at our next webinar:

Topics and timings:

Imponderables / Nov 21st / 10 am-12 noon PST/ 1pm-3pm EST

After Sept 13th:
Individual sessions (regular): CAD $40 + HST or CAD $120 + HST for all 3 sessions
Individual sessions (students): CAD$30 + HST or CAD $90 + HST for all 3 sessions

Recording of this session and of earlier series are available too. To register / for further inquiries please contact: alka.amarawellness@gmail.com

Looking forward to leading you on this interactive journey of homeopathic learning!

Roland and Sunil