Other Services

Homeopathic Treatments: Please visit the My Practice and Cost of Services pages.

Presentations: Roland is well-experienced in giving presentations about homeopathy, C4-homeopathy, certain diseases, nature, as well as healing with herbs, minerals, and animals. He has given presentations in Canada, the US, and in Europe. To inquire via email click here.

Homeopathic Teaching: Roland has been teaching homeopathy for almost 20 years now. In Germany, he taught homeopathy mainly to medical doctors. He is currently teaching at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Calgary, AB.

Homeopathic Research: Roland has been involved in the introduction of a number of new remedies into homeopathy (Red Ochre, Bison, and many more). He is continuously conducting C4-Triturations / Shameeah ceremonies in order to find out about the healing properties of new and old remedies. If you have questions regarding homeopathic research, please send him an email. He also does research about specific issues – for example, diabetes and addiction. During this research, he has found astonishing new information.

Shameeah Ceremonies / C4-Triturations: Roland offers regularly workshops in which you can experience nature in a very intimate way. In C4-Triturations – Roland prefers to call his own style Shameeah ceremonies – participants can communicate with a mineral, a plant or an animal. For more information, visit the Shameeah page.

Nature Walks: Roland has been leading naturalist excursions into nature since he was in his early 20s and still loves to do this.

It is a special kind of adventure to hear him talk not only about the biology of plants and animals but also about their healing properties, their use in Western and Indigenous cultures. He has a wealth of knowledge to share, sharing stories of his own experiences as well as the wisdom in the mythological stories of First Nation peoples.

For more information about Roland’s Nature Walks in Victoria BC, please click here.