Homeopathic Treatments – Cost of Services

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

– Hippocrates (460-377 B.C)


Free Preliminary Consultation
I offer a free preliminary consultation of 30 minutes. This appointment helps you to decide if a homeopathic treatment will serve you well. You can discuss your specific problems and ask any questions you might have. I can tell you if I think homeopathy can help you and what your specific treatment might look like.

The First Month Package – $ 400.00
This includes: the initial consultation of 2 to 3 hours or longer if necessary, the analysis and case workings no matter how long it takes, a short follow up after 2 weeks, a complementary book about homeopathy and the remedy for the first month.

The initial consultation is a thorough case-taking, providing you with a confidential environment where a trusting therapeutic relationship will be built. I will ask you to relate your condition in detail and describe how it affects you. I want to hear about current and past health issues as well as your family health history. Your personality, moods, and reactions to different situations, environments, or foods will also be considered and will help me understand your unique health needs.

After the consultation, I will study and analyze the information in order to prescribe your remedy.

You will also receive a complementary book on homeopathy that provides additional information about how to make your sessions a success.

Follow-up Evaluations – $ 110.00
These take about 45 minutes to one hour. Initially they are monthly; later they occur over longer intervals.

The remedies cost about $ 15 per month.

Additional Consultation, E-mail Communication etc. – $ 20.00 for each 10 minute period.
Sometimes acute problems arise, such as an injury, a flu-like illness, or an acute emotional situation which necessitates additional intervention. The fees are for a consultation up to 10 minutes $20.00, for a consultation between 10 and 20 minutes $40.00 and so on. E-mail communication is being billed in the same way according to the time required.

Long-distance treatment
In-person appointments are available in Victoria and Comox, and I also treat people internationally via telephone or Skype. I prefer initial assessments in person, but this is not always possible. The fees for long-distance appointments are the same as for in-person appointments.