The Ancient Band-Aid

Some 300 million years ago, the conifers invented the band-aid. Even though still helpful every day, there are also more modern and more sophisticated ways of healing possible.
Roland Guenther

Vancouver Island Homeopathy

Long ago, the conifers evolved a spectacular and brand-new way of healing: the band-aid. For millions of years it has served them well; it also serves us most every day. As fascinating as this is and as complicated and amazingly refined today’s band-aids are, the basic principle is both simple and well-proven: ‘You got a problem – patch it up and move on!’
“You got a headache? Take a pill!” – “You are depressed? Take a pill!” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Now, there is nothing wrong with it. The trouble, however starts, when this is the only way we know of dealing with health challenges. That creates an ever growing mountain of accumulated problems that need different approaches in order to be integrated.