The Alchemy of Psychedelic Substances

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We welcome you to our Fall 2022 webinar!

From The Beatles, to the King of Rock (Elvis) or to Ali, no one has escaped the use of narcotic substances either as an indulgence for their senses, escape from reality or for relief from pain and P.T.S.D. related to their professional careers.

These miraculous but often misunderstood substances need to be explained from a homeopathic perspective. They are neither good nor evil – they are purely medicinal tools.

We are familiar with marijuana (Cannabis), Opium, L.S.D. (Secale), as homeopathic remedies to a large extent. However, their derivatives such as cocaine, morphine and heroin are often not recognised as remedy pictures.

In the world of shamans, magic mushrooms and other varieties of the fascinating fungi family in the form of wild agaric (Agaricus), and creepers such as ayahuasca and the cacti entheogens such as San Pedro and Peyote, are often used in medicinal ritual ceremonies. We need to clearly elucidate their individual uses and benefits from a homeopathic perspective as well.

In this exciting Fall 2022 webinar let us take you on an insightful and spiritual journey that ranges from the era of ancient Greek histories of Eleusis, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to the modern scientific exploration by Aldous Huxley and his contemporaries.

In this process we will be able to embrace the magical world of these sacred substances and expand our consciousness to their mysterious healing properties.

Roland and Sunil invite you to please join them in this experience at our next 2 day webinar:

‘The Alchemy of Psychedelic Substances’

November 19th and 20th, 2022
10am to 1pm PST, 1pm to 4pm EST

Webinar will be held on Zoom, with a recording offered for purchase too.  Participants are eligible for CE credits


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