The 4th Dimension of Homeopathy – The Source

The 4th Dimension


Are you ready to re-engage with your practice?

Would you like to experience Homeopathic remedies from another dimension?

Imagine learning Homeopathic remedy source perceptions and the techniques for identifying and prescribing them accurately?

Want to broaden your awareness of Homeopathy and how you can help support the Vital Force at an even deeper level?

With over 60 years of combined teaching experience, reputed international teachers Roland Guenther and Sunil Anand have teamed up to offer this three-part webinar series.

Join them for an exploration of commonality between remedy source perceptions in an interesting series that brings them alive and makes them easy to spot in practice.

These 2-hour interactive sessions will be offered via Zoom on the following dates starting at 10am PST/ 1pm EST:

October 18th 2020, November 22nd 2020, and December 13th 2020.

Cost : $40 CAD + HST per session or $100 CAD + HST for all three sessions

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