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How life comes to be,
How it moves in the smallest creature,

How it branches out and expands,
How it blooms, bears fruit
– To learn all this,
This is what drives me.
R. M. Rilke

Roland-H.-Guenther-AboutThose words of Rilke express my deep longing to understand life in its essence. Becoming a medical doctor helped me to immerse myself in conventional medicine and its way of healing.

For years, I worked as a surgeon and then ran a successful family practice. Being a part of the conventional medical system, I got to know its achievements and discovered its shortcomings. What disturbed me most was the fact that people were treated from a very mechanical perspective. A problem was fixed rather than a person cured.

I was exposed to homeopathy early in my medical career. I was fascinated by its elegance, its congruency with spiritual teachings which I already had studied in my late teens, and of course by its powerful efficiency, which I was allowed to witness daily even in severe diseases. For more than twenty years in my family practice, primarily employing homeopathy, I enjoyed the healing journey of my patients. I never got tired of this fulfilling work.

In 1992 I connected with Native American medicine people and was swept away by the combination of spirituality, healing work, self growth and the close connection to nature, which the path of the Pipe and the Sweatlodge incorporates. For several years, I lived on a Blackfoot Reserve in Alberta and with the Huichol people in their remote home in the mountains of Mexico. I followed the teachings of the elders, was part of the sacred ceremonies, and learned to communicate with the natural world.

In 2005 I immigrated to Canada, the land I had fallen in love with a decade earlier. I am enthralled by its beauty and use every free minute to go birding, hiking or – since I have been living on the West coast – sailing. My focus, however, is on my healing work. This includes work with individual clients as well as teaching homeopathy.

In the last twenty years C4-homeopathy, with its emphasis on the spiritual aspect of healing, has become the major focus of my homeopathic research because of its unsurpassed opportunities for healing and understanding.

I also offer Nature Walks in and around Victoria and Shameeah Workshops throughout North America and Europe. These additional offerings are the result of a life in love with, and in service to, nature and to the heart-to-heart communication amongst all living beings.


Why I Like Homeopathy

I like homeopathy’s gentle elegance, being based on understanding and acceptance. There is no need for struggle or fighting. As a practitioner, I listen, am present, and then come to understand. When a patient is sharing pain and suffering, I witness something precious emerge. Even though the presenting problem often makes one feel imperfect and incomplete, there is a deep beauty in how each patient tries to make sense of the circumstances she finds herself in and who she truly is. Once I understand, then I turn to nature and ask: Who in nature – which plant, animal, or mineral – has the perfect solution for the specific problem of this patient? This is an exciting moment. I let my knowledge, my experience, and my intuition guide me through the myriad of options to find the one remedy for the patient. Then the remedy does its work. What follows often feels like magic. The suffering gently subsides; peace moves in. In the moment that we have peace with what is, choices fan out and the patient can select the appropriate path.

I do not know if my awkward words can express what I experience in homeopathy. It is the beauty of the patient, the beauty of nature and the blessing of being allowed to bring both together. In homeopathy we allow the outer nature to heal our inner nature.

I wish to share an incident that happened a few months ago. I was in Germany at the wedding of my dear daughter. Among the many guests, most of whom I did not know, a young lady approached me. She had a boy of about 8 years of age by her side. She asked: “Hello Dr. Guenther, do you still know me?”
I did not and asked her to remind me. She said: “Ten years ago you treated me for severe hemorrhaging.” Now I remembered; she had come to my clinic with profuse bleeding. The conventional treatments with hormones had failed and she was told that her uterus had to be removed. “Then you treated me and the bleeding stopped. Now look, this boy is my son, he is 8 years old now. He would not be alive without you!” I was deeply touched and gave mother and son a hug. I had to hide a tear of gratitude. Now you might understand why I love homeopathy and appreciate serving those who seek help. Others call it miracles. I call it homeopathy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]