Ever Felt Like A Swiss Cheese? Well, I did so; and more than once.

Swiss CheeseA while ago I sat down to prepare a training session with students, something that requires my full yet relaxed attention. I sat down, had my cup of tea ready and then it started. Not the creative flow of ideas that I was hoping for!

The phone rang, someone sending a message to get an urgent advice, email notifications popping up, a call on my cell, someone trying to reach me on Skype, our dog coming to check if I am ready for a walk, my wife texting me that she loves me, and the worst of all: Some utterly disturbing bird landing in front of the window requiring urgently to be admired!

This was when I felt like a Swiss cheese. I tried to concentrate and to focus on creative work, and all the world had ganged up on me to keep me from succeeding. It seemed as if all the intrusions were piercing my energy field and in the end I felt like this Swiss cheese, like having holes in my aura. That day I decided to accept our dog’s invitation to go for a walk and to do my work in the night, when everybody around me is sleeping and no birds are distracting me anymore.

Now, if this would be happening once in a while then it would be simple. We could welcome the interruptions as creative challenges and make something nice out of our time. However, for many of us this is more or less constant reality. Only a few decades ago it was our natural right to have time to focus or to be with ourselves, to enjoy our own company.  This is not the case anymore. The space of being ourselves got severely diminished by means of modern technology. Especially the cell-phone contributed to this evolution. Even on a walk in the forest we often have it with us and with that the time with ourselves slips away unnoticed and turns into constant availability.

The result is nervousness, inner restlessness, constant business and a lack of focus generated by the constant experience to be interrupted. In the end we do the interrupting ourselves when the outer world leaves us for a while alone because we are so used  to this constant change of focus. The quality of our work diminishes, our productivity goes down, anxiety increases and often a certain level of inner confusion is noticeable. Some people simply get numb in order to not feel what they experience as constant attacks.

This does not mean that cell phones are bad and modern technology should be avoided. Most of us happily use cell phones and laptops for their work, including for creative work. They are part of our lives and will not go away so soon.

In order to stay healthy or especially in order to get healthy, we need to reinstall time to be with ourselves. What once was part of the flow of life, now we need to make a conscious choice and give it a place in our days.

The following options proved to be helpful in my life. Some things are easy to remedy. For example I learned how to enable “Do not disturb” in my phone settings when I need to have undisturbed time. I can also be “off line” on Skype. When I am working at home and do not want to be interrupted, I hang a ring of braided sweet grass at the door knob and my wife gets the gentle message: “I love you and I do not want to be disturbed”.

The most important, in my opinion, is that we plan time to be with ourselves. What works for me are twice a day half an hour of meditation. You also can take time for a walk, to sit in the garden and contemplate your life, to listen to your favorite music or to do Tai Chi. Whatever it takes for you to relax and to connect with your own depth, do it. You just need to set a time aside for it. Mark that time in your day timer, it might not happen otherwise.

What worked for you? Maybe you feel like sharing some of your experiences.
Sometimes, whatever we try, it is not enough. This can be the case in someone whose space, whose boundaries have been deeply wounded in childhood. The result can be that someone has incomplete boundaries and cannot ward off unwelcome energies. Consequences of old traumas need special support. Homeopathy is a good way to enhance our ability to hold our own space free of intrusions.

If you would like to have support, send me an email to Roland@VancouverIslandHomeopathy.com . There is help so you can feel safe again.