Dr. Roland H. Guenther

My deepest passion is healing: the healing of body, mind, and spirit.

After studying medicine at the renowned University of Heidelberg, I worked for a few years in a hospital as a surgeon. Later on, I became a family doctor. For more than 20 years, I took care of patients of all ages with all kind of diseases. I really loved that work. During my years as a general practitioner, I moved from conventional to homeopathic treatment, as time and again I was blessed to witness amazing healings, which, according to science, should not be possible.

I am very grateful for my medical background. I like to know exactly, and in scientific terms, what my patients are dealing with. Concerning the actual therapy, however, I have almost exclusively used homeopathy for the last 30 years. Here in Canada, my German medical degrees are not acknowledged, and I am free to use all of my time and energy helping people through homeopathy.